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        Islington Wharf Residents Association



Thursday, 8th February 2018 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes




Linda Cox (LC) – Revolution

Anand Patel (AP) – Revolution

Jonathan Isaacs (JI) – Chair

Tracey Langford (TL)

Wayne Langford (WL)

James Needham (JN)

Katherine Harrison (KH)


Katherine Harrison

Paul Kelly

Ian Forrester

Susan Swientozielskyj


Katherine Harrison

Next Meeting

Thursday, 1st March 2018

The contents of the minutes below are as taken by the minute taker. The Committee will confirm whether any amendments are required at the following meeting. Please refer to this set of minutes (when available) and read in conjunction with the section entitled ‘Minutes Last Meeting’ for any amendments (if applicable).


  • As above.


  • Accepted as a true record.



  • Boiler:
  • Temporary solution now in place, 4 or 5 pumps are still not working, however will be replaced with new ones. An insurance claim has been made. It is possible that a burst pipe in apartment 51 could have caused the boiler failure.
  • To rectify the problem two quotes have so far been received, with a cost of £30,000, however a 3rd quote is going to be obtained.
  • Discussion of whether a latent defect or not to be discussed by the committee in isolation.


  • (I) Destruction of plans in Block B; Identification of person(s) responsible:
  • Images have been circulated but so far no one has come forward. The Committee acknowledged the concerns of those raised on Facebook, however this was down to the fact that this was the first time we had done something like this, and there was a delay between the damage, and images being released.
  • The next time something like this happens, the message will be softened by Revolution and advise when it’s not a police matter.
  • This matter can be closed.
  • (II) Estates Budget:
  • New costs allowed for extra servicing of doors to prevent from future breakdown.
  • Engineering insurance has gone up by £2,500 with new insurers, which covers more on the policy, not just the
  • ifts.
  • The committee queried some costs and excesses. Revolution are to provide a breakdown of policy and cover amount. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Revolution are also developing a ‘Directors Area’ of MyRevolution for committee to see all policy documents.
  • Increase pest control is due to the commercial units.
  • External window cleaning is an additional £500 PA.
  • An additional fire check has been put in place following Grenfell Tower.
  • Lift contract has increased by £500 PA, and Revolution fees have gone up by 2.5% (not 2.5 percentage points)
  • Sinking fund plan included in budget was estate, residential and car park.
  • WL queried sinking fund for car park, and requested review for next financial year and queried whether it could be lowered. Revolution confirmed that the committee would be involved in setting the budgets for the next financial year.
  • JN also echoed this point with a view of reducing the service charge in future years. JN will liaise with Revolution in advance of the next financial year around September time.
  • This matter can be closed until September.
  • (A) Comparator report – major repairs and latent defects:
  • Islington Wharf is not performing worse than comparable building, either from a lift or door breakdown.
  • This includes breakdown frequency and cost.
  • This matter can be closed.
  • (B) Box Hedging mockup; feedback from MCC and  City of Trees
  • WL fed back, had been expecting a mock-up but not yet heard from proposed contractor.
  • JN had contacted Manchester City Council Green Space Project regarding additional trees in the area.
  • Update to be provided by both WL and JN on progress made.ACTION: WL & JN
  • (C) Installation of motorbike parking rail
  • Contractors encountered a problem and will return after adjustment has been made.
  • Revolution to provide update at the next meeting ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (D) Lighting in the lifts – provision of contractor quotes
  • A cheaper quote of around £350 inclusive of VAT had been provided by another contract. This had been agreed by the committee to progress with.
  • Revolution to provide update of when works will be completed by at next meeting ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (E) Potential changes to SLA’s from those providing on-site attendance
  • 4 hour for most contractors.
  • Revolution will monitor adherence to this.
  • This matter can be closed.
  • (F) OOH instruction manual for dealing with specific faults by committee members
  • OOH had started to ring round the committee members prior to calling out trades people.
  • Revolution to ensure that OOH have contact details of those on the committee ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • This matter can be closed.
  • (G) Datpro contact details to Residents Committee Chair
  • Revolution to provide contact details to JI ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • This matter can be closed.
  • (H) Phase 3 – dealing with the ‘gap’ – new build abutting carpark/garden – response from  Eric Wright
  • Revolution are to ask Eric Wright/Muse what they intend to do with the meter wide gap between the buildings and temporary fencing, as this has the potential to collect rubbish and be a fire hazard ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Revolution to provide update of when this will be completed by at next meeting


  • (I) Monthly report – breakdown of costs; identification of ‘general contact’ items
  • JI preferred new format of report from Revolution, requested that this be provided on a monthly basis. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Revolution to confirm that this has been set up at the next meeting
  • (J) Electronic notice boards updating and updating procedures
  • Revolution are to ensure that these are checked daily by Ken/Colin as part of their rounds ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Committee would like access to be able to update the screens, Revolution are to investigate this ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Revolution to confirm how committee can access/update the screens remotely at the next meeting/provide information to IF in advance.
  • (K) List of achievements of the Residents Committee for new members of Residents Association
  • Carried over as SS not present
  • IF to liaise with potential new committee members. ACTION: IF
  • (L) Revamp of the garden – repeat call-out to residents for their ideas/wishlist
  • Residents had been asked for ideas/aspirations for garden redesign, however non provided since December.
  • JN agreed would put together a Pintrest Board and share with members to use in summer for feedback when residents would be more interested in the garden. ACTION: JN
  • JN to provide Pintrest Board at next meeting.

  • (AOB 3) Arrange a presentation by Fire Brigade Fire Safety Officer to Committee and residents re: fire safety procedures at Islington Wharf
  • Carried over as IF not present
  • (AOB 4) Review of call out charges for boiler malfunction after routine maintenance – resident reported issue
  • Review of call out charge for boiler malfunction after routine maintenance of a residents boiler had stopped working was found to be corrosion of the radiator and therefore an individual matter. However resident will not be charged for call-out, but cost of replacement radiator will be their own responsibility.
  • This matter can be closed.
  • (AOB 5) AirBnB:
  • Leases had been checked and clarified. Solicitor has been consulted and that the tenants lease prohibits use of short term let basis.
  • Committee agreed for email to go out to all residents, all leaseholders will get an email and recorded delivery letter by post. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Revolution to confirm at the next meeting that letters/emails have been sent.
  • (AOB 6) Water Ingress:
  • Lots stemming from balcony in 200 and going down 5 floors. TL explained that Rockwool insulation is supposed to soak up water but LT and ascertained that Rockwool does not work when wet, and that termal, fire and acoustic properties are compromised.
  • Revolution will pick this up with Muse immediately and TL will support. ACTION: REVOLUTION AND TL
  • Revolution ad TL to confirm at next meeting what Muse response was.
  • (AOB 7) Ken’s Replacement
  • 3 candidates have been found.
  • The committee will be invited to attend interviews, Revolution will let the committee know.
  • (AOB 8) Flickering Lights
  • The lights in Block B Lobby are flickering.
  • Committee agreed that these should be either switched off or turned to a warm white.
  • (AOB 9) Car Park
  • Eric Wright confirmed that they would clean the car park as often as necessary.
  • The committee asked if they could get this cleaned every two weeks and review this if required.


  • (1) Heat Gain and Latent Defects
  • The next meeting with Waterside Places will be held in march, where a couple of solutions will have been approved by Waterside Places board and timescales will be given.
  • These will be trialed in a few apartments, however a film based solution appears to be the most likely outcome.
  • The life expectancy and responsibility for deterioration will be considered.
  • The committee are to be proactive in gathering likely scenarios.
  • WL and TL brought up that they had found a solicitor who would work on any claim for those who are original owners on a no win no fee basis. WL will discuss this with original buyers.
  • (2) MP & Councillor Engagement
  • Lucy powell still engaged.
  • Will continue to press for MP to hold Laing O’Rourke accountable.
  • (3) Committee Board
  • Agreed to proceed in a more collegial manner on Slack and other committee forums.
  • (4) Rockwool
  • WL advised that he had been contacted by a resident who informed him that NatWest have said that properties are mortgageable but value is reduced, this was noted on survey and due to overheating.

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