Welcome to Islington Wharf our Iconic development stands beside the Ashton canal and .We are a short walk away from Manchester city centre one of the most creative, Vibrant and friendly cities in the U.K. We are close enough to everything the city has to offer but far enough away to sleep away a hangover in peace.

We are a close community; We don’t have awkward silences in our lift- we use the time to catch up between floors. We congregate in our roof top garden in the summer where we BBQ or just chill. The rest of the time you will find us in Vivid which is to Islington Wharf, what Cheers’ is to Boston.

The residents committee was formed by residents who are passionate about both our community and our building and this website is designed to bring us even closer together. On here you will find handy tips about how to change our sometimes tricky light fittings to finding recommendations from other residents to finding a plumber or a great restaurant. We will also have property pages and a buy and sell section. We will post the minutes from our monthly meetings so that you are always kept in the loop.