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The Committee has been around almost as long as Islington Wharf itself. It was started by residents to make sure issues that affect everyone, are addressed by the developer (ISIS/MUSE). As a united voice, we were much stronger. The committee brings together different skill sets and with the time they volunteer as a group we have managed to put forward strong cases/reasoning to have a number of issues investigated.

We have forced the developer to rectify a number of latent defects already, and we are in the middle of agreeing the resolution of two more major problems within the development. Solar gain (heat build-up in apartments) and water ingress (through the window frames). This has taken years of pressure and hard work to force acceptance that both these issues exist and should be rectified at cost to the developer and not the residents. The more people who are part of the IWRA the stronger our position to fight these matters.


What We Have Done:

  • Forced out GVA as the managing agent due to poor service and high costs.
  • Carried out a transparent and robust tendering process to replace GVA.
  • Made significant cost savings with the appointment of Revolution while improving service levels and quality.
  • Used those savings to get the development back in a stable situation financially, and start programs to upgrade security, and improve a number of problem/failings systems.
  • Start a building uplift plan. This includes painting and decorating, new LED lighting to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint. More to follow.
  • New secure bike storage area
  • Improved HD CCTV and new fob entry system for improved security
  • Keep clear sign at car park exit