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Islington Wharf Residents Association

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 10 January 2019


Linda Cox  (LC)  Revolution
Ian Forrester (IF) Chair [on behalf of James Needham]Tim Gardner  (TG)
Claire Johnson (CJ)
Lee Pratt (LP) Revolution
Susan Swientozielskyj (SS)


Katherine Harrison, Jonathan Isaacs, Sana Khan, Paul Kelly, Tracey Langford, James Needham, Anand Patel.

Agenda item:



Minutes of last meeting: SS asked for a point of clarification on item 7a) as she was unable to recall any specifics other than the general concerns raised about the ongoing proposal by the developer to install wooden fencing to the car park. TG confirmed the discussion was a general cover all and no other specific points had been raised. There being no other issues or questions raised by members both present and absent, the minutes were accepted as a true record.


Actions from last meeting:

5e – door sensor repair/replace – LC informed the Cpmmittee that a replacement sensor was now held in store and also that Benchmark Security have quoted for full replacement of the door sensors; however, there are issues with the age of our doors in general. Committee members asked if they could get a better understanding of the issues ahead of next set of repairs. LC agreed to arrange a site visit on Friday 25 January at 10.30 for any committee members to attend. Action Committee members.

5g – Hand sanitiser in the bin room – LC advised that the issue was now resolved. No further action.

9a – Fire Safety Education for residents – Paul to update the Committee when he next attends.

10-1 – duplicate sign for closing the roller shutter – following a detailed discussion about this including the potential location for an additional sign, it was decided not to press on with this for the moment. Instead, Revolution will send out an email reminder to all residents about the importance of ensuring that the roller shutter is closed behind them etc. This security notice will be sent out on a quarterly basis. Members present also thought that the additional lighting outside the car park entrance had improved matters.


Islington Wharf General:

a)    Councillor engagement: no update for this meeting.

b)    Accounts 2019 re £15k increased cost of insurance – LC advised that this increase was due to the increased number of claims made during the preceding year.

On another note, and taking into account the disappointment voiced by the Committee re: their lack of involvement in the budget setting process, Anand has proposed the setting up of a Budget Steering Group that will meet monthly starting in February to both improve understanding of the budgets, budget setting process and constraints and budget preparation for 2020/21. He is recommending that 3 members join this group along with Revolution. Meetings will take place early evening at the Revolution offices. This notice to be communicated to all members and then names put forward to Anand. Action Committee members.

c)    TV signal problems – this issue has raised by a number of residents over recent weeks and it has been an issue  previously. LC advised that the satellite dish has been realigned twice in the past year and it is thought that one reason for problems recurring is due to the building of high rise structures that are blocking or deviating the signal. Revolution will work to get the problem resolved but in the first instance, residents do need to report the issue to Revolution. For an issue to be logged as a communal problem, there must be reports from at least 2 separate apartments. As the current issue has been flagged by residents via IW Facebook page, the committee will notify residents in the same way. IF agreed to do this. Action IF

In addition, LC advised that communal repairs relating to the building come out of the relevant budget line and that the building repair budget covers most things.

d)    Lits in block B – Jonathan Isaacs flagged a concern that the lifts were becoming very “clangy”. Members present hadn’t notice anything unusual in the lifts and LC informed the Committee that the lift service contractor had been out to the lifts last Friday – 4 January. No further action at this time.

e)    Addition of click-up to Slack – members present were not really sure what the purpose of this is or what to do. James to clarify etc at the next meeting. Action JN.


Revolution monthly report: not discussed. LC to send out a digital copy to all members. Action LC


Phase 3:

a)    Security of the gap: LC fedback from the developer that this will be fenced. There is no other detail at this time.

b)    Car park fencing: Revolution have fedback to the developer that a wooden fencing solution is not acceptable to the residents of Islington Wharf. Post meeting note: there was another break-in to the car park on Jan 14 evening, motor bikes were targeted & 2 were stolen – the thieves broke in through the wooden fence.

c)     Car park cleaning: action complete.

d)    Improving safety on the [car park] access road – along with issues previously raised by committee members inc eroded road markings and poor visibility both entering and leaving the access road which were again discussed, SS also flagged that vehicles are often being parked there that makes getting in and out of the car park more difficult. LC will speak with Tim Brice to find out what can be done to improve matters for the duration of the works.


Latent defects:

a)    Water ingress roof repairs to Block A – following an extensive long list inspection, it has been confirmed that a water draining system is missing; most likely never installed during the original building of Islington Wharf.Contractors have been appointed; residents have been contacted and quotes for apartment repairs can now start to be done; Crest Scaffolding for the works will be erected this month on 14 January. There are 16 apartments affected and the works are estimated to last 5 weeks.

LP advised that Revolution have a contractor ready to do the apartment repairs and that, if owners choose, Revolution can project manage the whole thing. This will be through TNA Building Services. Alternatively, owners can choose to organise their own repairs. Either way, owners will receive all the information they need from Revolution to get things done.

TG flagged his concern that he has had this done twice before and the same problem has recurred. He therefore wants to be sure that the problem is truly fixed before apartment repairs go ahead. LP confirmed that guarantees for the work will be in place. 


Questions from Residents:

a)    TG asked that Revolution ensure the service charge demand is sent with a longer notice period for payment as his had arrived demanding payment 3 days later.



  1. CJ informed the Committee that her apartment is now so bad with damp that it is becoming uninhabitable. Claire explained that when she returned home from her Christmas break away, the carpet in her bedroom had turned mouldy and has had to be removed. The temporary solution put in place involves a plastic sheet and a bucket!! The situation for Claire is now untenable and committee members asked Revolution to press hard on this matter for Claire. SS asked if they could pressure Waterside Places to take the same stance with Claires apartment similar to what they had to do when Islington Mews was condemned by the Fire Brigade, as it is clear that Claire’s situation is really out of the ordinary and that a temporary rehousing is surely the only option for now until her apartment can be made safe? LC and Revolution will follow up with Claire privately.
  2. The management office has asked if the parcel collection times can be changed to 17.30-18.30 on Manchester City match days so that staff can get home. Committee members agreed for this change and asked that Matt/Colin put a notice in the lifts on these days so that everyone is aware.
  3. LC informed the Committee that Revolution new Head of Facilities is Joshua  Ramsden and asked if he could attend the next meeting to talk about the new changes in place for the ‘front office’. This was agreed. Action LC to invite Joshua.

Date & time of next meeting:

Thursday 7 February 2019 at 19.00hrs; Medical Centre