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Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6 January 2020

1 Attendees:

Ian Forrester (IF)
Tim Gardner (TG)
Tom Greenwood (TG) Revolution
Jonathan Isaacs (JI)
Claire Johnson (CJ)
Paul Kelly (PK)
James Needham (JN) Chair
Anand Patel (AP) Revolution
Laura Walker (LW) Revolution

2. Apologies:

Katherine Harrison; Tracey Langford

Agenda Item:



3. Minutes of the last meeting: Accepted and agreed as a true record.


4. Revolution updates on actions from last meeting:

a)    Water Pump repair/ replacement: water pump is now back up and running. No further action.

b)    Generator Trip: Engineer report is that the generator panel is now obsolete and needs replacing. The cost to replace is approx. £2.5K. This has been signed off and a date for the work to be done is yet to be confirmed. JN requested revolution notify the residents committee (RC) when the job is going to be done and when it has been completed. Action Revolution

c)    Items in car park; lessons learned and future approach: some people have responded to the notice from Revolution to clear their car parking spaces but others have not. AP showed photographs of one space in particular that still has boxes of stuff piled high. Notification to the leaseholder from the angle of fire risk has made no impact. Revolution will contact leaseholders who continue to flout the rules of their lease with notice that if not removed, Revolution will have these items removed. SS asked a point of clarification on the legal position for this and JI responded by giving the specific contract points within the lease that states clearly the car parking space is purely for the use of parking a private motor vehicle. Residents should refer to their lease if in any doubt. In addition the caretaker refused contractors access. Revolution are addressing this with additional training at the next caretakers meeting. Secondarily is a question relating to the AC units that jut into the car park air space. Notably, the walls in which they are mounted are part of a car parking space that does not belong to the commercial unit concerned. JN pointed out that this could affect the parking of a large vehicle. In short, the commercial units leaseholder agreements need to be checked to ensure they are not in breach. Revolution to report back by next meeting. Action Revolution.

d)    Waterside Places: WP Aim to be able to update residents in early February with what has been agreed. Roof leak apartment 200: Repairs have been made to the balcony fin. AP asked CJ if it had made any difference and CJ thought that there had been less water coming in to her apartment. However, there has been more dry weather so it remains to be seen how things are when it rains. AP also confirmed that the contractors and Thomasons are now in a position to do the work which will be claimed back from LOR. The homeowners are away at the moment so a date needs to be set when they return home. JN has asked that a full schedule of works is provided. Revolution wondered if WP would ask LOR to do the work but the RC feel very strongly against this and request that independent contractors are used. Action Revolution.

e)    Roof leak apartment 200: The fin has been repaired. AP asked CJ if it has made any difference to the water coming into her apartment. CJ thought it has lessened but it has been fairly dry weather so a test will be when it rains. AP also advised that the contractors and Thomasons are now ready to do the work on the balcony of apartment 200 however the owners are away so a date will be set when they return home. Costs are to be covered by WP as part of the claim with LOR. The RC are very clear that LOR should not be allowed to do the remedial work. JN asked for a full schedule of works once agreed.

f)      Roof leak block A: TG explained that 3 different issues are to blame for the problem – absence of capping to the parapet wall, absence of cavity tray, and puncture to the membrane. The cost to repair this and also apartment 200 is c£300K with the big question on who is going to pay for it? The RC are steadfast in that it should be paid for by WP as part of the claim from LOR as this is a latent defect. JN and AP will write a joint letter to WP in respect of this. If the cost has to be covered by residents it will be c£1900 per household and would involve a lengthy consultation etc. JI again flagged his concern about what the agreement between WP and LOR will be, and asked Revolution if they can get a copy of this from WP and share with the RC. The major area of concern is that WP have agreed a solution to fix the latent defects with LOR in order to agree the settlement figure but without any disclosure or involvement with the residents, and without further engagement with the RC, as to what this will be. AP will ask Waterside Places to share this as soon as they can. Action AP/JN.

g)    Cladding: The RC is deeply concerned about the lack of any progress in this area. The report commissioned by the RC with Revolution has seemingly been highjacked by Waterside Places and is being withheld. JN asked Revolution to obtain this report from WP by Friday 10 January. If this is not forthcoming, then JN will take legal advice. A solicitor and funding for this has been explored. Action Revolution.

In addition, PK has links with the company that manufacturer the cladding on IW and he will speak directly with them and see how they can help. Action PK

h)    Rockwool/Kingspan: on Thursday 16 January, Revolution are meeting with Kingspan to do an inspection which will require access to a balcony so that they can lift a panel and inspect the insulation material. PK will attend this meeting on behalf of the RC. Report back next meeting. Action Revolution/PK

i)      Onsite contractor log and completion of work: JN again reiterated the RC concern is that work contracted isn’t always done and although a log is now in place, is a monthly review of this enough to ensure that actions are completed in a timely manner. LW agreed that a bi-weekly review would be better. Also, there is the issue of access,by out of hours contractors, to key documents. It was agreed that a secure box, such as a fire document box, be installed outside the managers office for this purpose. Action LW

j)      Lifts: The dilapidation survey of the lifts in Block B was completed end October and report published 3rd December. Next steps is to review the actions. Also, the missing log books have been returned! JN flagged that there are some strange things happening with the lifts at the moment, eg call for one lift and both appear. Review reports next meeting. Action all.

k)    Crashdeck: There are still outstanding actions in terms of fitting the correct lighting with only ⅔ rds of the work done. There is an ongoing problem with contractors refusing to work if there are needles in the work area even though the appropriate kit for the safe removal of these are available. SS will try and find out if there is a better way of getting these removed by the council services in place. Action Revolution/SS

l)      Food wastebin: has been removed. No further action.

m)   Welcome pack: Is now available from MyRevolution. No further action required.

n)    Block A shop fronts: TG has made contact with the regeneration team as Manchester City Council (MCC) plans include the installation of planters along this walkway. However, this doesn’t help alleviate the problem of cars parking at the moment. If cars park within the IW property boundary, they can be ticketed. JI will arrange for the parking signs to be installed so that parking tickets can then be issued. He will email ‘Jason’ and copy Laura. In addition, JN will do a follow up email to MCC and also include Emma Taylor and Rosa Battle. Action TG/JN/JI

o)    Car park flood lights: The broken floodlight outside the roller shutter cannot be repaired and a replacement has been ordered. It will be fitted on Wednesday 8 January. Other broken lights affecting car park spaces 49 & 50 will be fixed in the next 2 weeks. JN to be notified of fitment date. Action Revolution.

p)    Window cleaning: some discussion about when to send out the window cleaning survey after the windows have been cleaned. Jn suggested Revolution do it by identifying email groups but overall the general consensus was that this should be done when the full window clean has been done. Revolution to agree the best process and feedback to the Committee in due course; ideally after next window clean. Action Revolution.

q)    Needle removal: Continues to be a problem. Revolution are looking to set up a new ‘daily tasks for caretakers’ which is auditable, and will action things like this. To report back on progress. Action Revolution.

r)     Pallets and items stacked against the building: action outstanding.

s)    Security: Marpol can do OOH remote viewing of IW CCTV for £45 per week with an admin charge of £120 + VAT. However, it is unclear what the level of service is included for this small cost. Revolution to get more detailed information before decision to proceed. Action Revolution.

t)      Car charging points: Revolution has been looking into this and so far, the approximate costs are c £1800-2000 for an individual point and c £40k for a central point. Other key issues that have to be factored in is the additional power that will inevitably be needed. Jn will pass this information on to residents through the IW Facebook page. PK will also get some additional quotes and feedback next meeting. Action Revolution/JN/PK

u)    New phase power take: Revolution to update JN by 8 January.



5. Accounts 2019: Revolution updating the accounts with the December invoices. Will be issued one week before next meeting for discussion at the meeting. Action Revolution.


6. Revolutions Reparations: Revolution will respond to JN by end of the week. Action Revolution.


7. Questions from residents:

●      Parking and access – approach road to parking.

After an incident this week when a fire engine could not get access, more needs to be done in keeping the access road clear. More signage, formal identification of culprits (parking), formal letters sent to those residents. Follow up ticketing and legal proceedings for those getting ticketed regularly. This has only been an issue since the new phase was completed and needs resolving asap. The RC also debated being able to have double yellow lines painted as well as keep clear. Action Revolution.

●      Mortgage query re: cladding: A resident has been in contact with JN and TG regarding the fire safety of the building cladding report for mortgage purposes. TG has sent all the required information to this resident and it is reiterated again that the cladding on IW does not pose any fire risk.



8. AOB

●      Car parking – All members of the RC present agreed that wardens should patrol the car park and ticket those who fail to display a valid permit to park. [Note: Revolution notified all owners/residents that they must display their allocated permit]. Enforcement will begin this week. There is also an unresolved issue regarding space no. 74 in that the real owner cannot park there because another resident claims he has been told by his letting agent that the space is for his use. Revolution will contact the estate agent concerned to resolve this issue. Action Revolution.

●      Planters: LW sent a brochure with some suggestions for artificial plants and costs but JN also found a nice collection at Homebase which are actually cheaper. CJ will buy one and install as a trial before full purchase decision is made. Action CJ



Date and time of next meeting:

Monday 3 February 2020 at 19.00hrs,

Medical Centre.