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        Islington Wharf Residents Association



Thursday, 14 September 2017 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes

Sunday 1st October 2017



Linda Cox (LC) – Revolution

Jonathan Isaacs (JI) – Chair

Tracey Langford (TL)

Wayne Langford (WL)


Ian Forrester

Susan Swientozielskyj

Paul Kelly

James Needham

Ian Forrester

Anand Patel – Revolution


Jonathan Isaacs  (Via Audio)

Next Meeting

Thursday, 5th October 2017


  • As above.


  • Accepted as a true record.



  • (A) Waterlogging in gardens
  • LC wanted to revert on this. WL said that he had seen work done, and it required a final check, and whether a report as to the required work had been completed. The committee requested that Ken/Colin do a visual check every now and again to ensure that the problem didn’t reoccur. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (B) Plants:
  • Inside Plants:
  • All those present were not convinced around the fau plants.
  • JI suggested the idea of some artwork or sculpture, however the thoughts were that this is to subjective.
  • WL proposed an artificial box hedge, as artificial exotic is much harder to pull off.
  • The committee agreed, that the plants which had been provided were to be returned with our thanks to the companies involved.
  • WL and SS to liaise to find a suitable alternative of this caliber. ACTION: WL AND SS
  • Outdoor Plants:
  • Revolution advised that the indoor plant contractor wasn’t in the area of outdoor plants and couldn’t help.
  • WL suggested a plant similar to the ones they have on their balcony and a green ivy would be most suitable along with some flowers.
  • TL liked the idea of an olive tree which could have some lights on .
  • WL and SS to talk to Sam about where he got the olive tree from and discuss suppliers for the ivy. WL further suggested that the was going to put an advert on LinkedIn to see if any of his connections/suppliers had any ideas. ACTION: WL, TL AND SS


  • (C) Motorbike parking:
  • The breakdown had been provided to IF, and he reverted prior to the meeting saying that £15 per month would be a figure which he considered to be ‘fair’.
  • JI said that pro-rated, this figure is roughly the cost of the service charge annually for a car parking space.
  • Since happenings on Slack, IF requested how much it would cost to purchase a space. JI asked Waterside Places for this figure, and they were unaware that motorbike users had been using a space FOC since the buildings construction, without paying an upfront fee no service charge towards the upkeep. This is something they said they would look into with a view of changing ASAP.
  • JI said that this may be a non-point for the committee, as Waterside Places may enforce charges.
  • WL referred to the previous vote of which the committee on the 3rd August (£30 per month) is to be applied moving forward, and that it has been flagged to Waterside Places so may end up being more.
  • WL stated that we have spent more than enough time on this issue, and we need to take action.
  • JI agreed, that at the next meeting the figure is to be provided. Revolution can write to those and give 30 days notice, to either pay up, or their fob access be restricted. ACTION: ALL AT NEXT MEETING
  • (D) Lights In Car Park:
  • This is with Revolution to revert as was with Anand.
  • This is for some lights in the car park to remain on constantly, and the sensors improved by which all the lights are activated. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (E Short Term Rental:
  • This point is to be carried forward, the idea behind this is that a small number of spaces could be rented short term. The concerns about policing and administering. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (F) Sale of Spaces:
  • At time of writing, around 20 people had applied.
  • JI confirmed that if there is no charge levied on the parking space, this could be sold to another resident. Waterside Places would not restrict this but a charge may be payable for costs.


  • (G) Lifts:
  • Lifts had been cleaned, however JI reported the handles were still loose, and that there was still mess on the lights. Revolution to look at getting the handles tightened and the rubbish removed from the ceiling. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • WL made the point that the lights in the lift could easily be replaced with white LED strips. Revolution to investigate this with Schindler. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • WL had a chat with the maintenance man, who had repaired doors, running gear, however it was an ongoing operation, and was going to check the plumbline which may cause problems. Someone got stuck in the small lift, and pressed the Emergency button, and was told by voicemail it could have been an hour, and no one came.
  • Revolution are to test the emergency buttons and process which is then followed on a regular basis. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (H) Window Cleaning:
  • JI expressed concerns that window cleaning needs to happen in September, and that a deep clean is going to be required.
  • JI also stated that people are more aware than ever of their windows dirty, and will report the smallest amount of dirt and request a revisit. JI suggested they do it right first time round, to avoid them having to do the whole building twice. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (I) Garage Door Breakdown:
  • JI raised the concern that if a garage door breakdown happens again security needs to be based within the car park that night from 19:00 to 07:00. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (J) Use Of Companies Who Have SLA For On Site Attendance:
  • JI insisted that all companies who are used across the development must be able to provide an SLA for when they can attend, and have this monitored. Whilst this will not result in a financial penalty for missing an SLA, it will result in them not being used if they continue break this.
  • Revolution to look at having this in place for the next meeting. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • This is also important for the lifts on the 17th floor as access is required for residents with mobility issues.
  • (K) Release of CCTV Images:
  • Revolution had provided a quote from a company (DataPro) to provide a data protection review, and provide assistances for any breaches.
  • WL thought he could obtain a cheaper like for like quote and speak to Mohammed. JI confirmed that if this was available at the next meeting this could be considered, however if not, we would proceed with the quote Revolution had so not to delay things. The actions needed to be put in place for the holiday season so if damage is caused, the images can be released. ACTION: WL
  • Revolution to confirm whether the images taken can be used in court proceedings. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (L) Main Doors:
  • Due to the main doors now automatically, this has thrown a spanner in the works as the alarm needs to deactivate before the door opening each time. Revolution to confirm with contractor a way forward. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • If doors are broken and not repairable, they must be secured shut, with a simple notice saying use another door. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (M) Disruption and Dirt:
  • Closed
  • (N) Car Park Allocation For Phase 3:
  • Closed as spaces are being sold.
  • (O) Lamp Post Behind Barrier Out:
  • The lamp post behind the white barrier is out and needs repairing at Waterside Places expense as it is on their land. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • WL pointed out that Revolution should look to carry out a fully survey of all external lights due to winter drawing in, and this should be conducted on a monthly basis. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (P) Old Sign Detailing History Of Wharf
  • This has been stored, item can be closed.


  • (Q) Monthly report from Revolution with tickets raised:
  • Development on this is still in progress. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (P) Electronic Noticeboards:
  • Revolution advised due to the weight of the screens, they couldn’t be installed without drilling into the walls. The committee agreed that the action the contractor suggested was required to install the screen be taken. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (Q) Access To Revolution Mailing List:
  • Development still in progress.
  • JI requested an ETA on this for the next meeting. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (T) Communal BBQ:
  • Revolution have a stock of these for next year.
  • Matter can be closed.
  • (U) Painting of Fence Panels
  • To be discussed under item Z


  • (V) Commercial Unit
  • JI advised that Waterside Places had given a co-working space company an offer, this is either under offer or has been accepted.
  • Revolution were not aware of this, so unable to confirm, but were to look into this. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • WL made the point that the shop frontages were getting ‘more and more garish’, and asked Revolution if there were any guidelines of advertising within the lease. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (W) Apartment 58 – AirbnB
  • Matter to be closed as Revolution couldn’t find any proof.
  • (X) Breaking Attempt on Apartment
  • Someone attempted to gain entrance to apartment (posted on Facebook), resident was advised to contact Revolution which they had not done as they were not available.
  • Matter to be closed.
  • (Y) Use of Revolution OOO on Facebook if tagged into post @Revolution Property Management
  • To be carried forward to next meeting.


  • (AOB1) Auction Site:
  • WL advised that he has access to an auction site, should Revolution want to purchase any good quality items at reduced price, either for IW or other developments.
  • (AOB2) Towel Dispenser:
  • Revolution provided a simple towel dispenser example which committee agreed to install into block B for lift spillages. To be installed alongside a wall mounted bin which is to be emptied regularly. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Block A would be more tricky as a code required to get access to the stairs, would review whether Block A require this, as most spillages happen in Block B.


  • (Z) Latent Defects:
  • Those present thought that the meeting was quite productive.
  • WL addressed the concern that this was the first time he had heard residents are to contact Revolution with claims of damage to their apartment. JI was convinced that this had been communicated previously and was to send examples to WL when it had. ACTION: JI
  • UPDATE: Examples of when this was sent out were sent to TL on the 14th Sept, and included emails sent via Mailchimp on the 10th August, it was opened on the 11th August at 13:55.
  • WL expressed concerns as to JI acting as sole representative with Waterside Places. JI advised that all the information is placed on Slack after the calls and before they take place, and the challenges are that they are not meeting, but ad hoc phone calls. WL said he wasn’t on Slack, JI set him up on slack at the end of the meeting and confirmed that we had all agreed to use Slack as method of communication with committee members checking this for updates (6th September 2016)
  • JI said was happy to discuss at next meeting when more people are present to see who would be happy to join on call.
  • WL raised concerns that Laing O’Rourke had reported record losses and that we need to be going after Zurich Insurance. JI advised that he thought this had been exhausted because the heads of claim fell under the exclusions of the policy. JI agreed to forward all the information to WL (which did during the meeting) so that WL could speak to a lawyer and draft a letter which we could get all residents to sign. ACTION: WL
  • The report produced by Revolution regarding the latent defects had not yet been provided to the committee. JI to chase Waterside Places: ACTION: JI
  • Following a call with JI and Waterside Places, they agreed that they would look at high impact low cost options to improve the garden. WL agreed that he would put an advert on LinkedIn to see if his contacts could advise what could be done and get a quote. ACTION: WL
  • (AA) Meeting With Lucy Powell:
  • KH not present, carried forward.
  • (AB) Tender Management:
  • Can be closed for the time being.


  • Non

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