Home > Committee Minutes > Committee Minutes – 1st March 2016


Steve Day: SD
Sharon Day: ShD
Katherine Harrison: KH
Jonathan Isaacs: JI
James Needham: JN
Tracey Langford TL
Wayne Langford: WL
Anand Patel (Revolution): AP
Paul Spence (Revolution): PS
Susan Swientozielskyj: SS

Apologies: Ian Forrester


  • Mural in Block A will be a portrait – Manchester scene.
  • The wallpaper has been replicated on all floors, hopefully people will get used to it, especially when the plants are installed.
  • Carpet fitting in the lift areas has commenced and it looks good, and when the time comes for a full carpet replacement it should be straight forward to extend.
  • Security cameras have detected the first offender; the door vandal has been caught and will be paying
    for the damage he caused.
  • Door fobs are to be replaced and a roll out plan has been agreed.
  • The LED lights for the entrance atrium in Block B have been ordered and will be fitted W/C 7th March.
  • Post bin in Block B has been fitted. All agreed that it should be painted white and that a sign is fitted to make clear its purpose.
  • Door numbers have been painted in white but all agreed colour change to black. WL pointed out that they also need to be level as currently they are not.
  • Notice boards need replacing. There was some debate regarding lockable boards in the lift or not as persons unknown have been removing notices from the lift. Need to scope options for next meeting ACTION AP
  • Plants for the lift lobbies are due for delivery Monday 7th March


  • Profile piece for the website from each IWRC member to JI by next committee meeting. Photo optional.ACTION: ALL
  • Website front page will have the welcome information etc, but all other content will be hidden behind a ‘pay wall’ and people will need to be a member of the Residents Association to access. Debate regarding the cost followed with price yet to be agreed. Suggestions ranged from £5-£20. SD raised a point for discussion in terms of the benefits of the website over the Facebook page, ie what will people be paying for. JI clarified the benefits of the website some of which are outlined below from actions:
    • Welcome – ACTION: TL
    • Social – ACTION: SD
    • Previous minutes – ACTION: JI
    • Recommended trades people – ACTION: KH
    • Benefits of joining – ACTION: JN
  • All funds raised will be used for the social arm of the residents association. Key benefits (amongst others) is that more residents will sign up to the residents association.
  • The benefits of contacting local businesses to advertise on our website was discussed, specially as an alternative to mail drops for fast food etc.
  • Further thought needed on how this will be taken forward, JI to bring up at next meeting. ACTION: JI


  • Needs finishing, especially the drainage issue. AP and SP recognised that the current set up was initially intended to be temporary pending further extension development. It now needs to be put into a permanent state with much needed renovation and repair. E.G decking needs painting and boarding needs repairing/replacing. ACTION: AP/SP
  • New BBQ’s x2 have been ordered.


  • Storage options for the unusable spaces in the car park (those which are too small for even a motor bike) are being looked at. Further information next meeting. ACTION: AP/SP


  • AP/SP to confirm when this is going to be replaced as residents and public remain at risk of being cut on broken glass. ACTION: AP/SP


  • AP/SP to determine a means (and associated costs) of stopping the junk mail drops which continue unabated. ACTION: AP/SP
  • Another option discussed is to speak with the businesses concerned regarding alternative to advertise on the IWR website. Action to be determined at a later date.


  • Agreed that future meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 19:00 with a review after 6 months.
  • In addition, a resident has contacted Sharon regarding becoming a member of the committee. However the committee is at full membership at the moment, and therefore not accepting new members. As and when a place becomes available the enquirer will be advised. Sharon to feedback. ACTION: SD


  • Published at the time of meeting and causing early negative stirrings from IW Mews residents as the headline and tone of the article focuses on the issues, notably the lack of any fire protection, at the Mews complex which was not the intention. However, the issues at IW are also featured. It’s a good article.
  • Debate followed regarding Mews residents as members of IW FB group and whether appropriate or not given that previous IWRC meeting minutes have been published here. There was a general consensus that this may not be appropriate especially as the general indication is that Mews residents want to be completely separate with their own website and FB. SD pointed out that there is a fine balance here as they are part of our social scene and we don’t want to affect that. We agreed that as a RC we need to understand the makeup of our FB members etc and then decide how to take forward. ACTION: SD


  • WL confirmed he has spoken with the lawyers and we need to determine the numbers affected and seeking compensation for the class action. Jonathan will gather the information from Revolution and Wayne will take to legal. ACTION: JI/WL


  • To be arranged before the end of March – ISIS although some debate as to whether this should also include Laing O’Rourke or the Canal & Rivers Trust as they are 50/50 partners with ISIS and so far distinctly absent from proceedings to date. The consensus was to invite ISIS with Canal and Rivers Trust. Jonathan will organise; RC members to send JI dates they can’t do in March in next 24 hours. ACTION: JI/All
  • In preparation for the meeting, all RC members to read the draft letter and respond to Jonathan. ACTION: ALL
  • Only owners and landlords will be invited to the meeting.


  • Water update – leaky pipe has a temporary fix in situ but it has transpired that all the plastic piping, from the pump room and beyond, needs to be replaced by copper piping as it is not fit to sustain the pressures for this building. It is going to be a huge job and the water will be off for a minimum of 12 hours. However, the contractors will start at 21:00 in order to cause as little disruption to residents as possible. The timeframe for works to begin is approximately one week. Ibis Hotel will be available to residents for showers when the water goes off.
  • Currently some residents are still not getting water through despite the temporary fix as the pressures are too low. Alternative accommodation is being sought for those affected in the interim.


  • Katherine has written to the Canal and Rivers Trust about the loose paving stones and dog mess that is affecting residents using the canal pathways around the apartment building and asked for them to take appropriate action. They have responded that they will look into it. Katherine to bring an update to the next meeting. ACTION: KH