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Tuesday, 1st November 2016 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes

Tuesday, 15th November 2016



Ian Forrester

Jonathan Isaacs (Chair)

Tim Jacomb – for Anand Patel

Tracey Langford

Wayne Langford

Susan Swientozielskyj


James Needham

Katherine Harrison

Paul Kelly

Anand Patel


Susan Swientozielskyj

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 6th December 2016


  • As above.


  • Accepted as a true record.


  • Cold Water:
  • KH has tasted her water, it tastes fine and she emailed JN to let him know there is no problem.
  • Dishwasher Plumbing:
  • As in some dishwashers have been incorrectly plumbed into the hot water supply instead of just the cold water, note to be put out to residents via Facebook and the lifts.

  • Glass Falling:
  • Need to ask KH to chase up. In the meantime, information re: dates of breakage, boarding up and date to replace is requested from Revolution so that the Committee has a clear view of the scale of the problem and the length of time it is taking to remedy; some residents have waited upto one year for full repair and there has also been an issue with incorrect colour matching of glass which then adds on even greater stress and more waiting. At this point TJ informed the committee that the correct glass has now been sourced, however, he did not know about the incorrect colour issue which he will follow up with Anand. In addition, clarity on how replacement glass and repair is being paid for is needed, ie, is it via building insurance or Waterside Places who keep referring JI back to Revolution when he has asked for this information. TJ made it clear that delays in repair works are not due to Revolution whose role is to deal with the immediate aftermath. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • Paul Spence
  • Members were informed that Paul Spence has now left Revolution and the Committee thanked Paul for his contribution, help and support.
  • Fire Alarm
  • Metal box with floorplans now insitu
  • Electronic notice boards
  • Awaiting update from Braemar Estates if they can be installed. TJ to follow up with Anand. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Fire Exit Signs For Public Areas
  • The spec and number was confirmed with Paul Spence; TJ to check if order has been placed and if a date to install has been set. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Flooring For Lifts
  • No further action.
  • Jet Washing Of Garden
  • Jet Washing of the garden decking has not taken place as promised; all agreed that pointless to do this now and to defer this action until the Spring.
  • Fencing In Residents Own Gardens
  • It was confirmed that this is their own responsibility to maintain.
  • Water Logging In Gardens
  • Percolation tests on the waterlogged garden have been carried out by WL who reported that one drain is not working at all and the materials used are incorrect. An action plan for remedying this problem has yet to be agreed. Follow up at next meeting.
  • Security Lights
  • Bulbs need replacing in those that are not working. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Motorbike Parking
  • TJ confirmed that this will be in the first floor car parking area. Anand has been in touch with metal fabricator to ensure the correct materials are installed for the bikes.
  • Boilers
  • Revolution is awaiting a report on costs and logistics for a general inspection of all apartments following a serious issue flagged by SS. TJ added that Heating Doctor is in the mix for this.
  • Monthly Report From Revolution
  • The monthly issues report has not been provided by Revolution to the Committee. JI asked TJ to take this up with Anand ahead of the next meeting. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Car Park Fires
  • Recent fires in car parks in Ancoats Apartments – the perpetrator has been caught and charged. Update residents via Facebook. ACTION: SS
  • Lock On 17th Floor
  • Coded lock to the 17th floor stairwell has not been fitted. Revolution were asked to remedy this asap. In addition to this, WL raised a valid point in that the coded door lock to gain access to the first floor from the stairwell should be removed as is a fire escape risk to residents if they should have to evacuate the building but the ground floor was inaccessible due to fire. TJ to take this up with Anand. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Window Cleaning
  • TJ confirmed that dates have been scheduled but was unable to give the Committee the dates for the winter cleaning. These to be provided asap. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Car Park Security
  • Upgrading of the car park access security system was discussed at length. A new system and fob replacement will cost £10k with each fob coded to each apartment. The benefits of the upgraded system will be that all activity is logged and tagged to the associated apartment. Also, when residents have moved out, the fob can be deactivated on the system so that they would not have access to get back in for whatever reason. A vote by members to proceed was carried by 4 to 1 for the upgrade. However, it was thought that all committee members should be involved in the overall decision, action therefore carried over to the next meeting.
  • Renting Of Apartments
  • Following on the previous point, there is still an issue around knowing when people renting apartments move in and out as knowledge of this still seems a bit erratic. The same questions arise over the best approach to use in order to have information provided either by the landlord or by the resident. TL has been working on an information pack of ‘lease essential information’, SS agreed to help with this. Action TL /SS
  • Holiday Parcel Plans
  • Dates requested from Revolution. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Latent Defects Update
  • Waterside Places are responsible for circa £200k, the money has been spent in accordance with the provisions of the lease.
  • Bike Store
  • Access to the bike store – the annual bike identification review is taking place this month ahead of owners being given the option to store their bike in the secure bike store at an annual cost of £10 per bike.


  • New Members:
  • This item carried forward to next meeting.
  • Experts Meeting
  • Committee appointed Pick Everard to work with Derek and Paul Kelly and they have met with Waterside Places Experts (Cundalls); the occupancy survey is being looked at again and the corridor temperature report as there could be a potential solution to the heat gain issue by removing the warm air that gets stuck in the corridors. this would be done via the lift shafts. However, there is still a long way to go in getting an agreed solution. To also note that the water ingress will be fixed at the same time.

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