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        Islington Wharf Residents Association



Thursday, 3rd August 2017 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes

Friday 11th August 2017



Linda Cox (LC) – Revolution

Jonathan Isaacs (JI) – Chair

Paul Kelly (PK)

Tracey Langford (TL)

James Needham (JN)

Anand Patel (AP) – Revolution

Ian Forrester (IF)


Ian Forrester

Wayne Langford

Susan Swientozielskyj


Susan Swientozielskyj (Via Audio)

Next Meeting



  • As above.


  • Accepted as a true record.



  • (A) Waterlogging in gardens
  • Almost complete. The drains have been installed and programme for regular review set up. Topsoil and new turf is being laid this week.


  • (B) Plants:
  • Artificial Plant update presented by TL on behalf of SS with details of suggested items and costs from the two companies contacted as previously agreed – Replica Plants and Evergreen Direct. The service and quotation from Replica Plants has been far more professional although the cost is higher. Committee members present discussed the report provided and are generally of the opinion that final decision should be on quality and not cost.
  • Request that SS go back to Replica Plants and request samples for the Committee to see. If a deposit is required, Sue to contact Anand. Also discussed was how the Committee think the replacement plant situation will land with residents given the mixed responses to the wallpaper choice in the last re-decoration.
  • TL commented that most people seem to be accepting of the wallpaper now, having got used to it; however, there are many comments and complaints about the dying plants and what a waste of money that is. All generally agreed with this.
  • JI asked AP if any of the other buildings managed by Revolution would be interested in installing artificial plants but AP thought not.


  • (C) Motorbike parking:
  • There has been some pushback by motorbike owners  on the new proposed charge which works out at approximately £30 per month (less than a third of the monthly cost of a car parking space). The issue being that motor bike parking was previously free of charge. IW has asked for a full breakdown on what this cost covers which AP will provide. Other committee members think the proposed charge is fair and proportionate. ACTION: REVOLUTION.
  • This will be concluded at the next meeting where a charge will be decided and implemented.
  • (D) Door Alarms:
  •  The company that provides the fob system have quoted £880 + VAT to install an alarm system to the front doors which is linked to the fob system and will be activated if a door is forced, ie not opened by fob. All agreed this work should be done. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (E) Lights In Car Park:
  • Test light with more LED fitments was installed and is definitely a better option. Price for full replacement is yet to be agreed. Some work is also needed to ensure the censors are working. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • It was also discussed whether when the new LED’s were fitted, whether some lights could be left permanently on, as the LED technology would not cause a huge bill, and improve security. Revolution were to discuss this with the electrician to see if this were possible based on the current wiring, if not, what the cost would be. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (F) Short Term Rental:
  • Revolution to send an email to residents confirming short term rental of car parking spaces is an option. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (G) Sale of Spaces:
  • There had been little movement on this at the time of the meeting.
  • Post meeting update: A public announcement will be made by the end of September about this point. ACTION: JI


  • (H) Lifts:
  • Polishing is on track for 14 August. The problem of people making and leaving mess in the lifts continues to be a problem which has again raised the question of installing CCTV facing both sets of lifts on the ground floor.TL sugested wifi enabled cameras as an economical option. Costs to be provided in advance of the next meeting so that they can be approved and installed, as without this the display screens cannot be installed. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • This action was discussed in some detail and all agreed that Revolution should take some costings. Also discussed the option of having either a mop and bucket of water & disinfectant available or a paper towel dispenser in the lifts so that people can clean up any mess they are responsible for. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (I) Window Cleaning:
  • Will take place in September with improved comms as agreed at last meeting.
  • (J) Garage Door Breakdown:
  • The cause of the garage door break down was that access to the control cupboard had been gained, and the switches changed. No damage to the control cupboard we evident, Revolution are to investigate who had access to the key for the lock. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (K) Block A Door:
  • Using the CCTV images of the person who damaged the front door in order to identify and pursue that person has raised many issues around the complexities of having and using CCTV and data protection.
  • First action we need to undertake is an audit and then respond to any findings of that audit. Revolution are dealing with this issue and will report back next meeting.
  • We need to be in a position whereby any images caught in CCTV can be freely distributed to residents on social media and via email so that any persons found causing damage can be identified. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (L) Phase 3 Construction:
  • Cleaning of car wheels was agreed but not always being provided, same also for cleaning the driveway and car park. People are asked to keep feeding issues back to Revolution so they can deal with it accordingly. ACTION: ALL.
  • (M) Car Park Allocation For Phase 3:
  • Item carried forward for next meeting, however to be read in conjunction with point (H).
  • (N) Meeting With Eric Wright:
  • JI and WL met with Eric Wright. The meeting was thought to be productive and Eric Wright want to do all they can to inconvenience residents as little as possible. JI and WL understood that there are going to be times when builders and residents clash over noise and dirt, however that is to be expected.
  • Regarding the additional window cleans, Eric Wright had no instructions to carry out additional window cleans. They were asked to refer this back to Waterside Places.


  • (O) Monthly report from Revolution with tickets raised:
  • Revolution have agreed to send the report one week ahead of the Residents Committee Meeting so that any questions can be tabled before. Will be emailed to JI. This will start for September. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (P) Electronic Noticeboards:
  • IW emailed some slides to members for review. Not everyone has seen so members to review and feedback. Ian clarified with AP that when changes are needed the its a simple matter of slide replacement and not having to redo  the whole presentation. AP confirmed this is correct. In addition, all agreed would be good to install the screens at the same time as the new cameras (lifts) if this can be done in a timely manner. AP to feedback with costings before next meeting so they can be approved and work scheduled. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (Q) Access To Revolution Mailing List:
  • The cost to cover this would be £450+VAT.
  • Revolution very kindly agreed to absorb the development cost as it is a feature they themselves could use.
  • The committee would like to thank Revolution for their generosity in this respect.


  • (R) Communal BBQ:
  • AP confirmed that new griddles cost £25 each and can be purchased from the Managers office after payment has been made to Revolution.


  • (S) Communal BBQ:
  • New grill has been fitted. They cost £26 each if people want to buy their own. Committee request that 6 are ordered for now; people will have to contact and pay Revolution for their grill and then collect it from the Manager’s office. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • (T) Commercial Unit:
  • No news to report.
  • (V) Fire Proof and Cladding:
  • Nothing further to report.   All queries from residents are responded to and Waterside Places are still completing their review.


  • (AOB1):
  • TL flagged up that one of the lamp-post lights that IW is responsible for is now behind the building site barrier and therefore who is responsible for it? Also, the lovely plaque with historical information for IW needs to preserved and put back or relocated. And JN commented that the garden is looking very good, just a small issue remains in terms of painting of the fence panels. AP to investigate and feedback. Action: AP


  • (W) Latent Defects:
  • Waterside Places cancelled the meeting 24 hrs beforehand. JI followed this up through email and telephone discussion to express our dissatisfaction at the way we are being treated and lack of progress. Waterside Places has agreed to be in a more open dialogue with us and pledged to speak with us on a weekly basis via Jonathan. Meeting/s should take place in September as per the previous arrangement. JI will be speaking with them again next week and will compile a list of issues for discussion. Members to contribute; James will set up a new hashtag on Slack for members to use. ACTION: ALL
  • (X) Meeting With Lucy Powell:
  • KH has nothing to report at this time.
  • (Z) Tender Management:
  • Not up for discussion at the moment. A point for consideration for Revolution is that they only contract with companies that will give an SLA for response times etc.


  • Non