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Islington Wharf Residents Association Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7 June 2018

Linda Cox (LC) Revolution
Ian Forrester (IF)
Tim Gardner (TG)
Jonathan Isaacs (JI) Chair
Sana Khan (SK)
Tracey Langford (TL)
James Needham (JN)
Anand Patel (AP) Revolution

1. Apologies: Katherine Harrison, Paul Kelly, Sam Niruben, Susan Swientozielskyj

2. Minutes last meeting: accepted as a true record.

3. Matters arising: Broken lift Block A. The Committee expressed concern about the length of time the lift in Block A has been out of action. Given the current issue relates to the brake pads, questions were asked as to why issues of wear etc could not be picked up at the routine inspection and new parts ordered in readiness? AP informed the Committee that as they prepare for the switch of contract from Otis to Schindler, they have appointed an independent lift consultant to review all the lifts and contract re: keeping parts that routinely/regularly wear out, in stock. Schindler start 1st July. JI flagged that communication has been an issue and could Revolution in future provide daily updates on key issues awaiting repair such as lifts, garage door, etc. AP confirmed this will be done and, given that most of the Committee members reside in Block B, he asked for a volunteer to act as a guinea pig for the Committee to receive all updates on key issues so that the Committee is always fully informed? JI volunteered to do this. Action AP/JI

4. Actions from last meeting: (for info. these items are numbered to correspond with the agenda item of the May meeting). 3A: water leak in main office – Revolution has instructed a company called SOS Leak Detection to do a specialist inspection in all the flats rising up from the office. They have done 3 so far and have a return visit to apartment 79 on Tuesday (12 June). They have provided a comprehensive report to Revolution on what they have done but now need to narrow down the actual point of the leak. Feedback next meeting. Action AP. 4A+K: garden design – Paul, Ian, Sam and Jonathan met with Julie Sargeant who was quite excited about taking this on IW as a project which will include the garden, outside area surrounding IW, Vivid and also the shop fronts. Paul is going to send her plans. Of note is that Julie hasn’t charged anything for the visit, Sam paid for her train fare. Going forward, Julie will create a vision and project plan and when this comes through with the costs, Revolution will take to Waterside Places to discuss funding. Timescales – looking to summer 2019. One idea put forward is to involve residents in the planting (when the time comes) whilst JN asked what can be done this year given that the garden furniture is now in quite a poor state? In general, committee members agreed that rather than spend a lot of money now which could be wasted when the garden design comes through, to spend a small amount to carry us through this summer. SK flagged that two residents – Doug and James – have been cleaning out the shed and generally tidying up in the garden and they have offered to clean and repair the cushion covers of the existing furniture subject to Committee approval which was duly given. SK to feedback to them and they should put in a list of what they need to AP who will make the necessary arrangements. TL suggested looking at modern trading options such as ebay etc for good deals and also asked if an area specifically for children could be considered. JN also suggested that the fun be extended to adults through the purchase of games such as garden jenga. No actions assigned. Plans and costs awaited from Julie Sargeant. 4B: Motorbike rail – AP informed the Committee that the car parking space swap has been confirmed so access into that area for motorbikes can now be extended. Timeframe not given. Action: Revolution. 4C: security fencing – Waterside Places has met with AP and have advised that they now have an architect on board to look at what they can put in place for the area abutting IW car park and Phase 3. They have acknowledged the information and quotes sent by the Committee and AP has asked WP to involve the Committee in the planning and design. Further information now awaited from WP. Action:Revolution to report back on response (if any) from WP. 4E: new members – Sam was going to reach out for new members including shop owners but not present to feedback. JI advised there has been very little interest other than one person who hasn’t responded further following initial contact. JN suggested we continue to reach out through Facebook etc with follow on discussion from members re: doing something socially and possibly doing another BBQ in the garden. Action: JN to reach out. 4G: Rockwool – TL advised that she has emailed Rockwool and spoken with somebody called ‘Ian’ who wasn’t keen to put anything in writing but agreed it would be a good idea to get it [the Rockwool insitu] looked at as the water ingress has been going on for a long time. He also confirmed that the thermal and acoustic properties would be affected if any detritus got in. He is going to pass on the report that TL sent to them with their fire team for review. In addition to this, TL advised that CTA [the company that did the review at IW] had visited their apartment [on 7 June] but didn’t know about the apartments below [200]. Apartment 200 would be ok in the event of fire because it has concrete plinth that would act as a firebreaker. However, the issue should be pursued further as 3 apartments is not a big enough sample given the scale of the issue.TL will update further when more information comes through. Action TL/Revolution 4I: Mailbox branding – two examples of the logo were provided by Revolution – red or black. Decision is to go with black as the popular vote. 4L: Moth infestation – there has been varying response to the moth traps with some floors affected more than others. JN asked AP to check with PestProof that the moth traps are not at risk of drying out in the heat of the corridors. The information sheet for residents submitted by SS was approved and for Revolution to send out to all residents. Action AP. 4M: Financial accounts – TL updated the Committee that the year end balance stands at £929.23 in the bank, inc Paypal. Re: change of signatories, the bank will send out a form when the Committee is ready to do this. Action Chairperson. 4N: Car park security and cleaning – AP confirmed that the new signs to go above the roller shutter door have been ordered. ETA tbc but should be in place by the next meeting. Re: cleaning, Eric Wright will be sorting this out as instructed by Mews with a first clean to take place middle of July. It is unclear if this will be a regular activity and Committee members are keen that this is agreed. In terms of other security measures considered, which included fob access on doors and a ‘push to close door’ option, the Committee, after some discussion agreed with the point raised by JN that we go with what we have got, noting that those who have previously got in were determined to do so. It is however possible to programme the automatic doors to close more quickly and this should be pursued. In addition, TL flagged an alarming issue in that having questioned the occupants of a car parked outside and waiting to gain entry, they were challenged by her husband as to what they were doing? They replied that they had booked via AirBnB and had been instructed by the owner to await for someone to release the shutter
to both enter and leave. Revolution were asked to re-send the legal response about this issue to residents. JN asked if Revolution had got any further with the new system of reporting problems to AirBnB but was advised that this is down to people to do directly if they experience an issue. Action Revolution. 5: Formal thanks to Matt and Colin – this has been done. On the issue of recycling, LC advised that the Council are planning to proceed with the reduction of general waste bins to IW from 14 to 10 from 7 July despite objections put forward by Revolution. The council are having a big push to increase the amount of recycling and will provide more bins for this purpose but not for general waste. The situation will need to be monitored. Action Revolution.

Main agenda items:

5. Ground rent update: JI gave the update re: response from Braemar Estates which is a very good outcome for all apartments affected. There was some discussion on how to avoid future issues through pro-active communication to residents about what to expect from Braemar when the ground rent is due. Bring forward to nearer the time.

6. Security fencing update: see notes above in 4C.

7. Preparation for AGM: Draft notice prepared by SS for the Committees consideration was approved. Revolution to send out to all residents. Re: question as to where to hold the meeting – agreed to use the usual meeting venue at the Medical Centre but to ensure the front desk is advised there will be more people attending. Action Revolution.

8: AOB: SK expressed concern that the lifts at IW will not hold a stretcher which raises the question as to what would happen if an emergency situation required such a response?

9. Matters to discuss in isolation of Revolution: This section of the meeting was given over to the election of members into the position of Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary. No nominations were made for the position of Treasurer so this will need to be decided when the new Chair takes up the role.

Nominees: Chair – JI and JN Deputy Chair – TL Secretary – SS