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        Islington Wharf Residents Association



Thursday, 3rd May 2018 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes

TUESDAY 8th May 2018



Linda Cox (Revolution – LC)

Tim Gardner (TG) – New member

Katherine Harrison (KH)

Jonathan Isaacs (JI) – Chair

Paul Kelly (PK)

Sana Khan (SK) – New member

Tracey Langford (TL)

James Needham (JN)

Sam Niruben (SN) – New member

Anand Patel (Revolution – AP)

Susan Swientozielskyj (SS)


Ian Forrester


Susan Swientozielsky

Next Meeting

Thursday, 7th June 2018

The contents of the minutes below are as taken by the minute taker. The Committee will confirm whether any amendments are required at the following meeting. Please refer to this set of minutes (when available) and read in conjunction with the section entitled ‘Minutes Last Meeting’ for any amendments (if applicable).


  • New members were introduced and welcomed to the Committee.
  • Apologies were noted as above.


  • Accepted as a true record.



  • There were no matters arising from the last minutes (March meeting).
  • JN raised a new issue that requires attention, there is a significant water leak in the main office. Revolution are dealing with it. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • (A) Box Hedging mockup; feedback from MCC and  City of Trees:
  • Option for the building externals has been rejected and therefore the Committee is seeking new ideas. SN informed the Committee that he is meeting with a Chelsea Flower Show gold medalist – Julie Sargeant – on Sunday 27 May to review and advise on garden options for Vivid.
  • She specialises in urban gardens and may be interested in working with IW on a wider project. SN also suggested involving the Canal Project; he will speak with them. Committee members are welcome to join him when he meets with Julie.

  • (B) Installation of motorbike parking rail:
  • This has been delayed due to issues affecting the proximity of adjacent car parking spaces. Revolution are working with the car parking space owners to relocate them as well as with Waterside Places (WP) to then ‘gift back’ said spaces in order to create a suitable dedicated space for motorbike parking.
  • AP confirmed that the legalities are progressing in order to complete on this action.

  • (C) Phase 3 – dealing with the ‘gap’ – new build abutting carpark/garden – response from  Eric Wright:
  • They have confirmed they do not currently hold any plans in relation to the communal garden and that the gap abutting Phase 3 will simply be fenced off. Committee members expressed their concern that the current fencing is inadequate and that, in light of the recent security breaches, it is time now to push for a permanent solution. Members suggested that this should be a robust metal style of fencing with several ideas on what this could look like in order to achieve the best aesthetic. AP suggested forming a small steering group to work on the design and proposal; JN and PK volunteered to do this with Revolution.


  • (D) Electronic notice boards updating and updating procedures:
  • AP confirmed that updates can be sent into Revolution, the committee also had the software to do this direct should there be a need to.
  • The committee also discussed that in the future, we may want to refresh the look of the slides and ask for a local designer (or resident) to perhaps improve upon branding.

  • (E) New Members
  • IWRA Committee has welcomed 3 new members – Tim Gardner, Sana Khan and Sam Niruben.
  • JI gave an overview of expectations etc whilst SN suggested it may be useful to have a pool of members with specialist skills and knowledge that the Committee could refer to on a project need basis.
  • This is an approach the Committee has tried in the past and currently uses on a small scale but everyone agreed it could be worthwhile reaching out again to residents. JI will put a call out through the usual channels, SN would also approach those who he thought might be suitable.

  • (F) Fire Brigade Presentation:
  • Feedback at Next Meeting

  • (G) Rockwool Report:
  • There was some discussion on the true validity of this report as TL stated there appears to be a discrepancy between the feedback from WP and that of Rockwool in their earlier response to TL regarding the fire retardant property of Rockwool if wet.
  • SS read out the feedback as given at the last meeting with WP whilst JN questioned if the tests were robust enough given the wide variation in weather, eg should the tests have been done when the apartments concerned were affected by heavy rain?
  • It was agreed that the report should be sent to Rockwool to ascertain accuracy, with them providing feedback in writing. Tracey said she was happy to do this given she had spoken to them before.

  • (H) Flickering Lights:
  • Action completed

  • (I) Branding To Mailboxes
  • AP confirmed that the proofs for this will be in next week and the total cost to replace will be £150.
  • AP to circulate proofs once available.

  • (J) Monthly Report
  • Tabled by Revolution. It was suggested that the bulk updates, ie the updates sent out to all listed contacts, should be removed or condensed to 1 for each update which will give a more realistic view.

  • (K) Garden Revamp
  • JI stated that WP will put some money into the scheme. All agreed it would be good if Julie Sargeant would agree to look at the garden and give some ideas.
  • Also, PK stated he knows some landscape architects that might be willing to come and view.

  • (L) Moth Infestation
  • SS gave an update on progress to date. 21 apartments responded to the call out on Facebook confirming they were affected.
  • Revolution called in Rentokil to inspect all the communal areas but no evidence of infestation was found. However, Revolution has arranged with PestControl that apartments can be treated, 2 visits per apartment, for a fixed fee of £100.
  • In addition and following further experimentation by SS, Revolution has arranged for PestControl to install moth traps on every floor. SS also agreed to pull together an information sheet for residents.

  • (M) Financial Year End:
  • Was discussed but the accounts have not yet been presented. JI was able to confirm the balance in the Committee Paypal account and TL gave an estimate of what is in the Committee bank account. JI agreed to send the Paypal details to TL who will also confirm the bank account details to JI. A formal statement is required before the AGM which will be held in July.  ACTION: JI/TL
  • SS flagged that the signatories for the bank account need to be changed as ex-committee members Steve Swientozielskyj and Wayne Langford are no longer eligible for this responsibility. ACTION: TL
  • Re the AGM – the purpose of this was outlined for the benefit of the new members in that it is a requirement of our constitution and is the meeting where the Committee is formally held to account for its actions by the residents and owners of Islington Wharf. All agreed that the July meeting of the Committee will be given over to the AGM – Thursday 5 July at 19.00hrs in the Medical Centre. Preparations will be made for this over the coming weeks. ACTION: JI AND SS

  • (N) Car Park Security & Cleaning
  • Car park security was discussed in some detail with members suggesting other options for signage, ticketing and installation of bollards. It was generally agreed that the signage is clear with the exception of something to prevent tailgating. SS suggested a large notice over the outside roller shutter door for the tailgating issue whilst JI had forwarded information on a ticketing scheme used by a neighbouring apartment complex, and TL provided information on a bollard system. All require further consideration by Revolution who will feedback accordingly. ACTION: AP
  • TL flagged that the cars are getting very dusty and dirty from the building works. LC confirmed that Revolution has spoken with Eric Wright about this who have said that the problem should improve when they have turned the scaffolding boards which will happen over the next few days. Committee members did not think this to be an adequate response by Eric Wright. A solution therefore remains unclear and the problem is unresolved. ACTION: AP
  • Dirt transfer from car park to main entrance halls – Revolution are currently scoping out a changeable mats option with an external company. Feedback next meeting. ACTION: AP 

5. A.O.B

  • AP confirmed that the rooftop climbers have been reported to the Police.
  • KH and JN met with the local councillors to discuss various issues and in particular re food recycling. Both were happy to report that Islington Wharf is highly rated on the standard of its recycling which has put IW in good stead for progressing IW request to extend its recycling effort to include food waste. Committee members asked AP to pass on the praise to Matt and Colin and to thank them on behalf of the Committee for achieving this. ACTION: AP 


  • (6.1) Heat Gain and Latent Defects
  • Meeting with WP, minutes from last meeting have been signed off and circulated.

  • (6.2) MP & Councillor Engagement
  • KH informed the Committee that MP Lucy Powell had had a face to face meeting with the CEO of WP in London regarding the ongoing issues at IW. Lucy has offered to meet with Committee members to discuss. All agreed this should go ahead. KH to arrange. ACTION: KH

  • (6.3) Resident Committee 2018-19
  • There are four key positions on the Committee – Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These are currently held by Jonathan Isaacs, James Needham, Susan Swientozielskyj and Tracey Langford accordingly.
  • All Committee members agreed it is now time that the positions be put up for re-election which will take place during May ready for sign off at the June meeting and in preparation for announcement at the AGM. The term of office is 3 years. The process for this is to follow. ACTION: JI AND SS
  • The constitution and governance processes need to be reviewed and updated; these will follow when the new Committee structure is in place.

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