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James Needham (Chair): JN
Jonathan Isaacs: JI

Apologies: Ben Amponsah, Steve Day, Sharon Day, Ian Forrester, Katherine Harrison, Tracey, Langford,Wayne Lanford, Paul Kelley, Sharon Walsh, Steve Walsh,


  • Unfortunately the meeting between the developers and construction companies had not taken place as planned. Some solutions
    had been found, however there were concerns whether or not they addressed the root cause of the problem.

Points of Action:

  • JN to forward all copies of documentation to JI to draft letter before action.
    • JI
    • Next Meeting


  • Website currently pointing to a holding page. Looking at having the re-designed site updated and go live in the new year.
  • Should any residence have any pictures of the building or surrounding area,
  • or details of recommended trades people please forward them to islingtonwharf@jonathanisaacs.com.

Points of Action:

  • Residence to forward pictures/details of trades people to JI
    • Residents
    • 01/01/16
  • JI to finalise re-design of site
    • JI
    • 31/01/16


  • The price of upgrading all the security cameras had already been agreed, this included cameras to be located in the bin room.
  • Installation would take place once the decoration had been finalised.
  • A quote had been received for the decoration, however to ensure it was competitive, a second quote was being obtained

Points of Action:

  • Provide details of second quote to committee
    • JN & TL
    • Next Meeting


  • Parking Tickets:
    • The committee acknowledged that there were concerns amongst residence of the method used to enforce car parking. The issue needed to be balanced with the right owners had to return to their parking space without it being occupied by the wish not to have to display a permit. JN and JI discussed potentially using a voting system to present all options to carpark owners.
    • This would be discussed in greater detail when there were more members of the committee present.
  • Fibre Broadband:
    • Hyperoptic had already commenced the installation within several flats.
    • The building had not yet been made live, however JI was advised that the building would be made live on or around the 20th November. Residence would not be billed until the service had gone live.
  • Window Clean:
    • JI brought up the topic of the windows on the commercial unit underneath Block B not being cleaned for several months, resulting in people writing and drawing on it. In addition how the site had only had windows cleaned once this year.
    • JN advised that he would speak to Revolution about ensuring these are cleaned. Regarding the frequency of the window clean, they are only paid for each visit, however understood that once every 12 months was not acceptable, especially as in the past they were cleaned four times a year.
  • Bins:
    • JN raised the point that the bins in the bin area should be cleaned out on a regular basis, especially more so in the summer months to prevent smelling and encouragement of rats.
    • JN to look into this being a potential job for the caretakers.
  • Christmas Decorations:
    • Christmas decorations would be put up on or around the 1st of December.
  • Hot Water Costs:
    • The committee have still not received a detailed invoice as to where the ‘admin’ charge goes. This would be something that we continue to push for.

  • Lift:
    • It was acknowledged that the time that the right hand lift in Block B had been out of action was excessive, however due to a lack of parts.
    • The committee considered whilst parts do take time to order, it should not be a reason for the lift to be out of action for so long.
    • JN to look at whether there was an SLA for lift repair.
  • Phase 3:
    • (At the time of the meeting) there was no update on the construction.
    • Viewing the council website website, they have confirmed that the status of the application is “Pending Consideration”.
    • JI has submitted a Freedom of information request to the Council requesting copies of any and all documents regarding the planning.

Points of Action:

  • Committee to discuss options around parking tickets.
    • Committee
    • Next Meeting
  • Enquire with Revolution as to future of window cleaning frequency.
    • JN
    • Next Meeting
  • Ascertain whether the caretakers could clean out the bins and associated

    • JN
    • Next Meeting
  • Understand whether a lift repair SLA is in place.
    • JN
    • Next Meeting