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James Needham (Chair): JN
Wayne Langford: WL
Ian Forrester: IF
Paul Kelley: PK
Jonathan Isaacs: JI
Katherine Harrison: KH
Paul & Anand (Revolution): RV

Apologies: Steve Day, Sharon Day, Paul Kelley, Sharon Walsh, Steve Walsh, Tracey Langford


  • Wall Color:
    • The committee chose a colour that was intended to be light grey, however due to the temperature of the lights, looked different colours depending on what floor, this ranged from pink to light blue.
    • As a result, three things happened. Firstly the committee asked for further floors to be put on hold. Secondly the committee chose a darker colour which was more likely to be interpreted as grey. Thirdly the committee asked for Revolution to bring forward the lighting upgrade of all the communal bulbs. There are circa 384 bulbs and it is anticipated that this will reduce the electricity lighting bill by up to 50%.
  • Carpet:
    • The red colour of the carpets outside the lifts did not look as the committee had hoped, and so was not replicated on other floors.
    • Instead, a more neutral colour was chosen. This will extend out from the lift areas to the first set of walls on either side, and will be more hard wearing.
    • The colour chosen is darker, as to not show stains which result when residents take out their bins.
  • Graphic:
    • Feedback was received that residents in block A were disappointed that they weren’t getting the same level of decoration as those in Block B.
    • It was noted that the same decorations were simply not possible due to the shape and size of the differing lobby areas.
    • However, the committee decided that a wall graphic could be placed in Block A, and so was being worked on.
  • Plants:
    • Plants will be placed across both blocks, and will be delivered and installed once the decoration work is completed.
  • Lights:
    • These are being flown over from Milan, and will be installed once delivered.
  • Glass Frontage:
    • In order to prevent further damage to the doors during high wind, a glass frontage is to be installed.
    • Plans will be drawn up after the decoration has been completed.

Points of Action:

  • Non.


  • Cameras:
    • The security cameras had been installed, and were operating at 1080p.
    • Once the decoration was complete, cameras would also be installed in the lifts.
    • They have already proved a worthwhile investment, as the culprits of recent damage were caught, and all available options are being investigated.
  • Fobs:
    • The upgrade of the fob system has also been put on hold until the decoration has been completed.
    • Revolution will send out further communications once the system goes live.

Points of Action:

  • Non


  • Heat Gain:
    • During the winter period, JI had quite a bit of success with getting responses from the developer ISIS/Muse.
    • Further letters were being sent and received, and the committee were being kept up to date during the progress.
    • The committee discussed other options should ISIS/Muse fail to reach a workable solution.
  • Water Ingress:
    • The committee understand that the solution which was found several months ago, is still a workable one, however waiting to be implemented at the same time the heat gain is addressed.

Points of Action:

  • Continue dialogue with ISIS/Muse.
    • JI
    • Next Meeting


  • The purpose of the Website will be to act as a location for all updates, be that social, building related or from the committee.
  • Once gone live, no updates from the committee will be placed on Facebook since the majority of residents do not hold a Facebook account.
  • Basic information for prospective buyers, or those looking to rent in the building will be able to view certain sections of the website. However to access information relating to the business, committee minutes etc, an account must be created, to which you become a member of the residents association.
  • The committee also discussed that the business who are advertising on the Facebook group, would no longer be able to do so once the website is launched. Instead a nominal charge would be lived for the advertising on the site, the funds would be used to the benefit of the residents as a whole.
  • Further features would include:
    • Flats available to rent/buy.
    • Buy/sell things.
    • List of trades people.

Points of Action:

  • Committee member profile (a couple of lines about their role within the committee, and what they do outside of this):
    • All Committee Members
    • Next Meeting
  • Benefits of being a member of the residents association:
    • James Needham
    • Next Meeting
  • Welcome to Islington Wharf:
    • Tracy Langford
    • Next Meeting
  • Recommended trades people:
    • Katherine Harrison
    • Next Meeting
  • Social life:
    • Sharon Day
    • Next Meeting
  • Transcribe Minutes:
    • Jonathan Isaacs
    • Next Meeting


  • Garden:
    • The committee once again discussed that the garden was not as advertised in sales materials.
  • Storage:
    • It was noted that there were parts of the car park which were too small to park a car, however could be used to store other things.
    • The committee came up with an idea that metal cages could be installed, and rented out by residents to store bulky items, such as luggage, boxes and other items of low/no value.
  • Glass:
    • The committee once again raised the broken glass on the empty commercial unit, and pushed for it to be looked at.
  • Dogs:
    • It had been noted that several residents were letting their dogs walk freely around the building when they should be on a leash.
    • Whilst the majority of dogs are well trained, some residents may be afraid of either the dogs, or to speak up.
    • Dog owners are asked to keep their dogs on a leash when in the communal areas as a respect to their fellow residents.

Points of Action:

  • Discuss garden design with Muse:
    • Revolution & JN
    • 07/04/16
  • Look at use of storage bins in the car park:
    • Revolution
    • 07/04/16
  • Revolution to chase Muse for an update and date of when the broken glass on the empty commercial unit would be fixed:
    • Revolution
    • 07/04/16
  • Revolution to send out communication to remind dog owners to keep their dog on a leash.
    • Revolution
    • Next Meeting