Home > Committee Minutes > Committee Minutes – 4th June 2015

James Needham (Chair): JN
Tracey Langford (Vice Chair): TL
Katherine Harrison: KH
Ian Forrester: IF
Ben Amponsah: BA
Jonathan Isaacs: JI

Apologies: Steve Day, Sharon Day, Wayne Lanford, Paul Kelley, Sharon Walsh, Steve Walsh


  • JN advised that the plan to change the windows had been pushed back to a date which will be confirmed at the next meeting. The reason being is that five different companies are now involved, as they are wanting to tackle both this and the water ingress at the same time.
  • Change of the windows will be required, designs of which will be available at the next meeting.
  • A schedule of works to be provided by JN at next meeting to ensure that this work is not pushed back again next year.

During the interim, one AC unit per apartment (regardless of size) will be offered by Laing O Rourke. Meeting taking place with JN and Laing O Rourke tomorrow (05/06/15)  which will test the AC unit that is to be offered, to ensure that it is the most efficient and suitable.

  • Date of when will be issued will be given at the next meeting if the solution works.
  • Units will only initially be offered to those who have issues, or have been proven to have (or likely to have) issues through the modelling and investigations. However should there be people who have not fallen into this category, a unit will be made available after testing can be carried out in the apartment in question.
  • Units will be available onsite and will be issued by the onsite staff.
  • Units will be provided to owners of apartments, or landlords and whilst they will be provided free of charge, they will be required to remain with the apartment until the issue is resolved.
  • At this stage, no other solutions or gains will be offered, including payment of electric used to run the AC units.
  • More testing will be taking place, including sensors in apartments that weren’t tested last time.


Points of Action:

  • Obtain designs of proposed window redesigns
    • JN
    • Next Meeting
  • Obtain schedule of works
    • JN
    • Next Meeting


  • Testing had taken place in JN’s apartment along with a number of others.
  • Plans to complete this work, is inline with the heat gain, one issue will be resolved with the other.


Points of Action:

  • Non


  • JN spoke to revolution regarding putting better lighting in place, extra CCTV, upgrading poor quality cameras, including new fob system.
  • The resident who was throwing bottles from the windows was never identified. It was noted by the committee however that should this occur again, video or high quality photos of the offender in the apartment would help.
  • IF suggested that cameras need to be pointed at the lifts as there is a potential blind spot. JN said this would be looked at, and would be going into the office to see the weak points. BA also volunteered to go along due to Army background.
  • The committee also discussed fobs being required to access the lift, however this was rejected as there could be potential problems for guests and deliveries.


Points of Action:

  • Provide update as to possible security enhancements,
    • JN
    • Next Meeting


  • JN has updated it to WordPress, those who want accounts can ask for James for one.
  • Moving forward, this would be the main place for information on the community to be held.
  • Facebook would move towards acting a social hub and a notification for providing links to the website.
  • During the update, a holding page would be put up until the relaunch.


Points of Action:

  • Those who want an account to add things to the website, to ask JN
    • Committee
    • Next Meeting
  • JI to begin redesign.
    • JI
    • 2 Months
  • KH to update content
    • KH
    • Following Redesign
  • Put up holding page
    • JI
    • Next Meeting


  • IF has keys for the notice board.
  • It was decided that old information would be removed, this was completed by IF and JI after the meeting and put in Kens office.
  • However they were put back up. The noticeboards would then be used to update on key information and be kept current.


Points of Action:

  • Speak to Revolution about ensuring old notices remain removed, and only
    relevant information is kept up

    • TBC
    • Next Meeting


  • A meeting was due to take place with Revolution, WL and JN, however calendars couldn’t match up.
  • There will be an update as to the colours etc by next meeting to ensure that the building was brought up to the standards other apartment blocks in the city centre had.
  • The displaying of paintings are to be considered in time due to be the cost, needs to be hardwearing.


Points of Action:

  • Non


  • Meeting locations to be fixed at the doctors surgery from now on. IF agreed to book the venue.
  • JI would take minutes at each meeting, and if absent, BA volunteered to take.
    • Minutes would be provided to the committee shortly after the meeting.
    • Members would have a week to highlight anything or caveat before being finalised.
    • JI would then create a PDF and upload to the Facebook Group.
  • Newsletter: Send IF email address, and he will send a link to google docs which has a newsletter.
    • Deadline for inclusions is end of June.
    • The Newsletter is to be produced annually due to the cost of printing
    • JI suggested that each member on the committee had their own @islingtonwharf.co.uk email address that would be forwarded to their personal email.
    • This could then be published to residence, and would make for easy forwarding to other members should someone leave.
    • This was agreed, JN to create forwards for each member that provides an email address.


Points of Action:

  • Book doctors surgery meeting room
    • IF
    • Next Meeting
  • Publish minutes to Facebook Group
    • JI
    • N/A
  • Provide IF information for newsletter
    • Residents
    • 30/06/15
  • Create @islingtonwharf.co.uk email addresses, one for each committee member
    • JN
    • Next Meeting


  • BBQ:
    • BBQs will be built, JN has asked for pricing, and asked them to be the same size as ovens, so that griddles can be used.
    • Staff and other residence will not be expected to be cleaning them.
    • Griddles will be available for sale from Kens office for purchase, each resident will then be responsible for cleaning their
      purchased griddle.
    • Griddles that are left behind will be disposed of.
    • Concrete blocks are in place for use disposable BBQ’s, JN also looking at also having a tiled plinth put in place.
  • Sign in lift:
    • KH suggested a sign in the lifts showing which apartments are on which floor.
    • JN advised this will be done at the same time as the other signing is completed.
    • Other notice boards will also be installed in the lift
  • Fibre Broadband:
    • The delay to this had had been due to the pipes under the road being crushed. This has since been installed, and each flat will
      have the ability to connect to fibre broadband.
    • Users that do will need to sign up with Hyperoptic.


Points of Action:

  • Non