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Katherine Harrison: KH
Jonathan Isaacs: JI
James Needham: JN
Paul Spence: Revolution
Anand Patel: Revolution
Susan Swientozielskyj: SS

Apologies: Tracey Langford, Wayne Langford, Ian Forrester

  • Revolution has been unable to locate the floor/s affected by apartment numbers not being level and request further detail in order to correct the problem. James agreed to do this. ACTION: JN
  • Signage – Revolution presented the same as discussed at the last meeting and all agreed is an excellent choice and will look very tasteful. Revolution agreed to proceed with the order/installation as previously specified and agreed. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Dying plant on floor 10 had been replaced and all plants are now bolted in their correct positions.
  • Lighting and murals – all resent agreed the installations are very good and have been well received by residents. To note however that the mark on the wall in Block B requires further attention as the scuff mark is still visible.

  • There is an outstanding action regarding committee members profile. Can members who still need to complete this task do so ASAP and send to Jonathan. ACTION: COMMITTEE

  1. GARDEN:
  • A solution has been sorted for the resident suffering with water retention in her garden.
  • BBQ’s – discussion regarding disposable grills – Revolution will find out more details regarding product and price that residents can then buy for their own use. When using the BBQ, they can then either remove the grill shelf for cleaning and next use, or dispose of. In this way, residents will always have a personal and clean utility. ACTION: REVOLUTION

  • Revoltuion presented the proposed option requested from and provided by Entire Projects Ltd. Which would provide a floor to ceiling block wall construction around the designated space with door entry. Storage cages are not included in the estimate of £1690.
  • Committee members present requested a mock up and will survey residents before making a decision. Jonathan will lead the survey. ACTION: JI

  • The replacement glass has been ordered. Due to fit TBA but will not be before the residents meeting with ISIS on the 18th May.

  • Revolution have agreed way forward with Tag 2 and a reduction in the frequency and volume of junk mail has been noted.
  • There are still occasional incidents occurring from independent sources but for now what can be done has been done, no further action at this time.

  • The ISIS meeting with residents is now scheduled as a drop in between 18:30 and 20:00 on 18th May. Committee members are discussing next communication with residents in preparation for meeting. Further action with full committee required. Jonathan will lead. ACTION: JI
  • Revolution notified the committee that the service charge cannot be used to cover legal services/challenge.
  • Insurance excess currently set at £2,500 for sudden water/flood events is too high and of significant concern to residents. Revolution will start to prepare a challenge to this. ACTION: REVOLUTION

  1. AOB:
  • Window Cleaning:
    • New arm for the assailer’s has been purchased and will speed up the process. Window cleaning will be six monthly.
    • Committee suggested at the end of winter, and end of summer/early autumn for maximum impact and benefit.
  • Heating Administration Fee:
    • Proposal on how this will be applied has been developed.
    • Further information to follow from Revolution. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Changes to Residents Committee:
    • Sharon and Steve Day have resigned from the Committee due to other time pressures. The Committee wish to formally thank them for all their hard work and contributions to the business agenda, and also express continued thanks for the work they will continue to lead around social activities for residents.
    • The committee will discuss the on boarding of new members at when there are more members of the committee present.
  • Notice Boards:
    • Continue to be an item of discussion. Now looking at the possibility of digital boards for the foyer areas. Revolution will scope out options and present at the next meeting. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • New Website – Islingtonwharf.com
    • The new website had been launched, and was generating significant traffic, including membership of the association.
    • The committee would continue to work in partnership with Revolution about how membership levels can be reached to 51%.
  • Security Update
    • Coming soon.

Date Of Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7th June, 19:00