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Thursday, 4th May 2017 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes

29th May 2017



Paul Kelly

James Needham

Wayne Langford

Tracy Langford

Ian Forrester

Linda (Revolution)

Jonathan Isaacs


Katherine Harrison

Susan Swientozielskyj

Anand Patel (Revolution)


Jonathan Isaacs (Via audio recording)

Next Meeting

Thursday, 1st June 2017


  • As above.


  • Accepted as a true record.


  • Dogmess:
  • The committee did not see the email that Revolution had agreed to send out, however committee agreed that too much time had passed since the incident for it to be sent out and the matter should be closed.
  • Sink hole:
  • The report has not been provided, this has been outstanding since March. Linda agreed to have this made available for the next meeting. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Lifts:
  • The electronic copy of the report which was to be sent was not received. This would be sent before the next meeting: ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • The cleaning of the lifts had not been booked in due to cleaning process. Committee agreed just to have them cleaned regardless. Block A would have the inside of the lift polished whilst still in action. Block B would have a more thorough cleaning as one lift could be taken out of action whilst it was being cleaned. Both external doors of each lifts would be cleaned on the ground Floor, and first floor in Block B as they are public areas. Cleaning includes removing the old notice boards and also removing the dust from around the lights, tightening the handrails removing cables which are hanging loose. This would also include the lift on the 17th floor. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Electronic Noticeboards:
  • Plugs have been installed, however waiting for the network connection. IF believed that the wrong ones have been delivered, as Linda advised they were running a network cable, however we had ordered USB screens. Linda and IF to look at confirming that the right ones had been delivered. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • IF in charge of getting material on the devices, to look at the box and find out what process would be required to get something on the screen, for example if it were PowerPoint or something else. ACTION: IF
  • Water logging in gardens
  • Linda advised that Anthony Symonds from Bowder would be coming round next week. WL said would meet with him. Last time Anthony was round he said it was hard to do a full investigation as it was landscape garden, as someone had mastic sealed around the outlets in the carpark and this was temporary. ACTION: REVOLUTION & WL
  • Motorbike parking:
  • The committee had a discussion as to what was thought to be a fair price for charging for use of a motorbike parking space.
  • It was anticipated that the rack would hold six or seven bikes.
  • IF suggested that £40 a year would be a suitable price, however after discussion this was rejected because the cost of a car parking space to buy would be £15,000 plus a service charge.
  • There was a concern as to how to police, however with the new fob system this would make it easier.
  • It was agreed that with the cost of maintaining the garage, the security, the door, £40 a year was not adequate. It would be looked into how many bikes you could fit into a standard space and pro-rata it. Paul would look into this has he said guidance was available: ACTION: PK
  • Car Park Allocation For Phase 3:
  • JN spoke to the MP about whether the developer could use spaces allocated to one development to reach a quota for another.
  • He advised, they couldn’t as part of their planning application say we need 100 space, 50 are going to be built with the development, 50 are part of Islington Wharf. They can however, say we only require 50 in this development which we are building, and if more people require them, they can buy them from our other development.
  • Resident boiler maintenance:
  • The committee expressed concern as following the initial communication that went out on the 22nd March, there has been no further communication, including those who returned an email.
  • This would be looked into and a detailed plan provided for the next meeting as the lack of communication was unacceptable. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • PK asked if the carbon filters were going to be cleaned, the committee doubted it as it wasn’t part of the ‘boiler system’
  • Monthly report from Revolution with tickets raised:
  • This has still not been provided despite being requested in December of 2016. Linda advised that Anand would be sending an email to provide an update, but didn’t have a timescale. Linda said she would ask Anand to provide the update by the end of the week as the committee. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Last meeting the committee were assured the report would be available for the following meeting, however it wasnt.
  • Car park security upgrade:
  • This will be completed in the month, the delay was caused by the caretaker PC needing to be upgraded. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • SIP Car Park
  • The issues of the wall falling into the road gaining access to the garage has not been completed, despite Linda advising it was. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Charges not being accurate had been completed.
  • Plants:
  • SS was not in attendance, so was carried forward.
  • Parcel Collection:
  • Linda advised that this was an ongoing development. The committee advised that it had been ongoing since February 2017, and in March we were promised a go live date which was not provided. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Metal covers:
  • Metal covered has been installed and painted. This matter could be closed.
  • There wasn’t one installed on the door where the trolleys are kept. To be discussed at the next meeting once the committee had looked at how it had ‘weathered’ without the protection.
  • Commercial Unit:
  • Revolution were to obtain a quote to tidy up, Linda advised that this was also ongoing, and the Developer was waiting to sign this off.
  • Access To Revolution Mailing List:
  • This was still with Michelle, the committee requested an update on this for the next meeting as this would have then been raised for two months. ACTION: REVOLUTION


  • Latent Defects & Zurich Insurance:
  • Zurich Insurance had effectively washed their hands of it. The delay was caused by the appointment of Armour Risk Management acting as a go between with Cunningham Lindsey and Zurich. The claim was put in against all apartments, which they claim it’s not covered.
  • Should each person have an individual claim, it would need to be raised on a case by case basis.
  • Each committee member would read a copy of the letter which is on Slack for any comment. ACTION: ALL
  • Katherine would look to get our MP involved when they return to Parliament.
  • Waterside Places did not deny that they were looking at claiming against 3rd parties for their responsibilities in relation to the latent defects.
  • The next play should be to invite Waterside Places to a meeting with the residents as it had been a year. ACTION: JI
  • Meeting With Lucy Powell:
  • Following the call of the general election, it is unlikely that we would hear what happened in the meeting between Lucy Powell and Waterside Places.
  • Media Coverage:
  • The committee confirmed that they would still get the local media involved where appropriate especially when the show-home is erected.
  • IF advised that we need a story which is developing, and they can re-quote on.


  • Thermometers
  • The committee looked into possibly giving out thermometers to those who are signed up, and getting regular readings of those who are taking part.
  • Possibly have a prize for those who get the highest reading.
  • Committee to look into finding suitable thermometers for purchasing. ACTION: ALL

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