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Islington Wharf Residents Association

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6 December  2018


Liam Brennan  (LB)  Revolution. New member of the Facilities Team.
Linda Cox  (LC)  Revolution
Tim Gardner  (TG)
Tracey Langford  (TL) Chair
Susan Swientozielskyj


Ian Forrester, Katherine Harrison, Jonathan Isaacs, Claire Johnson, Sana Khan, Paul Kelly, James Needham, Anand Patel.

Agenda item:



Minutes of last meeting: no issues or questions have been raised by members both present and absent, minutes therefore accepted as a true record.


Actions from last meeting:

4 – feedback on process concerns raised at the last meeting – year end accounting – LC confirmed that the accounts for 16/17 and 17/18 have been uploaded and can be viewed on ‘My Revolution’. They had to be approved by Mews prior to release. Residents can post any questions they may have about the accounts via ‘My Revolution’.  TG asked about the sinking fund and LC advised that this is also viewable on the website. Jonathan Isaacs asked TL to question why the insurance had increased by £15k – LC will find out and report back.

5d – letter to Rivers and Canal Trust – there has been no response.

9a – Fire Safety Education for residents – Paul to update next meeting.

7a – replacement of the car park fence – the Committee remain steadfast in their opinion that a wood fence is not a good enough deterrent and that metal fencing should be installed. LC will take this back to the developers.

7b – car park clean – this is now underway and residents will be notified. TL had met with TG on Tuesday and discussed this issue.

9a – parcel collection – following further discussion on this matter with Revolution, the decision is no change to the current arrangements which work well for residents.

9b – water ingress – roof works will start in January for Floor 8 in block A where nearly all apartments are affected.


Islington Wharf General:

a)    Councillor engagement: no update for this meeting.

b)    Accounts 2016/17: discussed in item 4. The Committee also voiced their disappointment that there has been another missed opportunity to involve the Committee in the planning for 2019/20.

c)    Budget proposal 2019: see comments above.

d)    CCTV update: all cameras have been upgraded to 4KHD so all pictures will be very clear.

e)    Door sensor update (resolved?): issue is still unresolved. There has been a thought that sunlight may be affecting the sensors but the Committee want to know why it seemingly can’t be fixed and that a resolution is needed asap. LC to report back to Revolution.

f)     Christmas Tree Decorations: 2 x 6 foot trees have been ordered and will be decorated by Revolution.

g)    Hand sanitiser in the bin room: is still broken and no sanitiser. LC to address.


Revolution monthly report: no comments.


Phase 3:

a)    Security of the gap:

b)    Car park fencing: discussed as per the action point – see item 4.

c)     Car park cleaning: discussed as per the action point – see item 4.


Latent defects:

a)    Meeting with Waterside Places: information update has been provided by James and is viewable on Slack.

b)    Water ingress feedback: discussed as per the action point – see item 4.


Questions from Residents:

a)    Lighting needed outside the car park. It is currently impossible to see any pedestrians or workers in the dark at that area: LC reported that Revolution has an electrician out again and will raise it with him to look at etc. Feedback next meeting.

b)    Complaints received that Eric Wright (day) and possibly residents (night) are not keeping the access road entrance/ exit clear. Eric Wright especially during rush hours. Also due to the heavy building work the keep clear sign (on the road) has been worn away: This was discussed as well as the issue about the blind corner and can anything else be done to improve safety for all. LC will take back to Revolution and feedback next meeting.

c)     Blind corner – see 9b above.



  1. TL requested a duplicate sign for closing the roller shutter be placed inside the car park to ensure that everyone is clearly seeing the notices.
  2. Car park mats – this item has been discussed before and after further discussion it was agreed that these will not offer any benefit.
  3. A question was raised about who is responsible to pay for the water ingress issues and TG gave an explanation of this and clarified the situation.

Date & time of next meeting:

Thursday 10 January 2019 at 19.00hrs; Medical Centre