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        Islington Wharf Residents Association


Thursday, 6th April 2017 @ 19:00

Medical Centre

Date of Minutes

Wednesday 19th April 2017


Ian Forrester

Jonathan Isaacs

Waye Langford

James Needham

Arnand Patel


Katherine Harrison

Paul Kelly

Tracey Langford

Susan Swientozielskyj


Susan Swientozielskyj (Via audio recording)

Next Meeting

Thursday, 4th May 2017


  • As above.


  • Accepted as a true record.


  • Dog mess in lift:
  • WL rightfully flagged that although there has only been one incident, this is now the 3rd meeting that this topic has been an agenda item so what is the resolution? AP confirmed a memo to residents had been drafted. All agreed that this should be sent out and this action closed as complete.

  • Sink hole:
  • Cause has been confirmed as inadequate compression of the backfill when the building was done. No other issues to report. Incident now closed and the full report will be made available to the Residents Association. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Lifts:
  • Still waiting on the report detailing all the lift faults. Action AP.
  • Also discussed possible refurbishment of the lifts as they are all looking a bit ‘tired’. A company has quoted for a repolish at a cost of £400 per lift. The only issue is that each lift will be out of action for 4 hours at a time; not such a problem in Block B but is a problem in block A. Decision made to press ahead with the polishing;
  • Revolution will notify residents. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Electronic Noticeboards:
  • Will be delivered in 2 weeks. Revolution has been working with IF re: location and have had in electrician re: positioning of power points and cabling required to support the units. They will not be wifi enabled as the signal from the caretaker’s office is too weak; they will therefore be tethered through a cable. Also, they are tamper-proofed. Revolution has asked for a small steering meeting to be convened to determine the content prior to launch. IF will co-ordinate. ACTION: IF
  • Water logging in gardens
  • Update on last set of actions; Revolution have discovered that there is a 20 year guarantee on the Garden from Bowder who have been contacted and will send an engineer to inspect. So no further action for WL until the inspection has been completed. WL requested to be present when the inspection takes place to ensure an appropriate solution is agreed upon.
  • Motorbike parking:
  • Colin and Ken have flagged up that the owner of the car parking space adjacent to the proposed new motorbike parking space has complained that the bikes are too close to his vehicle. So, it has been suggested that the current bike rack, that now has less bikes following the opening of the bike store, is remodelled to make spaces available for motorbikes. Costs are minimal for the conversion. Next up, a debate on reasonable charge for this service. Revolution to work with motorbike owners on a fair price. Discuss next meeting. No action will be taken until this can be agreed.
  • Resident boiler maintenance:
  • There has been very good uptake and residents are booking in for their review. WL raised a question in terms of the predicted life of the boilers; Revolution confirmed this to be approx. 15 years. No action at this time although replacement options will need to be considered well in advance.
  • Monthly report from Revolution with tickets raised.:
  • 1st report to the committee will be next month. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Car park security upgrade:
  • System now in place. Fobs need to be replaced over next few weeks. ACTION: REVOLUTION.
  • SIP Car Park
  • Incidental issues in relation to the SIP carpark were also discussed due to erroneous charging notices which are catching people out, ie they are paying the £2 only to find that it is now £4 and they have been ticketed. This is affecting visitors to Islington Wharf. Revolution are asked if they can bring this issue to the attention of SIP and also the current poor maintenance of the facility which is affecting clear ingress to the Islington Wharf car park. ACTION REVOLUTION
  • The wall between the SIP car park and the entrance to the underground car park was in an awful state, and debris often is falling onto the road. Revolution to speak to SIP about getting this repaired. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Renting of apartments – lease essential information.
  • The ‘Helpful Information for Residents’ compiled by TL is now almost ready following input by Committee members. It just needs a final tidy up and application of the logo and then a plan to disseminate and make available.
  • The information about the Islington Wharf Residents Association / Committee has been drafted by SS and is now available on Slack for other Committee members input. ACTION: ALL
  • Plants:
  • Outstanding action for SS: ACTION SS
  • Parcel Collection:
  • System is now being finalised by Revolution. ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Metal covers:
  • Action completed except for the 17th floor. This to be completed asap.ACTION: REVOLUTION
  • Out Of Hours Familiarity With Site:
  • Revolution have actioned this issue by putting information in place for the out of hours team. This action is closed.
  • Commercial Unit:
  • No update at this time. Revolution has been asked to get a quote for tidying, and there is talk of replacing the vinyl cover to obscure the empty and unattractive space that lies beyond.
  • Access To Revolution Mailing List:
  • Currently this is not possible due to Data Protection rules and regulations. However, there may be an option by asking people to ‘tick a box’ if they are happy for their details to be shared with the Residents Association for the purposes of good communication. REVOLUTION


  • Latent Defects:
  • There had been little movement from Waterside Places, there were a few reasons as to why the committee thought there was a delay.
  • It was also discussed whether we should write to HRH Prince Charles in capacity of patron to make him aware, even tho a response was unlikely to be forthcoming. ACTION: JI
  • Zurich Insurance:
  • JI sent email to Zurich requesting an update as has been >8 months since our last contact. If no response, then JI will send a complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsmen.
  • Meeting With Lucy Powell:
  • Lucy’s office were still pushing for a meeting with Waterside Places.
  • Media Coverage:
  • Has been over 3 weeks since the article was published by the Guardian. Discussions on how to keep the pressure on – Ian has been in touch with the BBC but they are not really interested in this as a singular story. In terms of getting in back in touch with the MEN to do a follow up piece following their original story – WL suggested TL could take this forward with her MEN contacts. ACTION: WL & TL
  • Membership Update:
  • Further ideas discussed on how to increase sign up, the first being that there is a tranche of people who signed up last year and paid. Can TL please dig out the forms so that we can do a reconciliation whilst recognising that there may be an issue here in relation to the new constitution which does not cover those. JN suggested that committee members could take it in turns to sit in the office during parcel collection time and capture residents here as we do need to get membership up to 50-60% in order to get through the registration process. Best way forward not resolved at the meeting. To be discussed at next meeting when more present.
  • Figues
  • Lessee (12%)
  • Tenant (10%)
  • Incomplete: 8
  • TOTAL: 36.67%


  • Meeting Room Booking
  • There is a new process in place for booking the meeting room in the Medical Centre; IF needs to email “the lady”. ACTION: IF
  • Water & Heating Bills
  • Unit rate has increased following increases in the price of gas. Nothing further to report.

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