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Attendees: Ian Forrester (IF) James Needham (JN) Chair Tim Gardner  (TG) Claire Johnson (CJ) Lee Pratt (LP) Revolution Tracey Langford (TL) Jonathan Isaacs (JI) Paul Kelly (PK)
Apologies: Katherine Harrison, Sana Khan, Anand Patel, Susan Swientozielskyj, Linda Cox.
Agenda item:  
3. Minutes of last meeting: No issues or questions raised by members both present and absent, the minutes were accepted as a true record.
4. Actions from last meeting: 5c – TV signal problems – Revolution stated that individual issues had been addressed and advised that building wide issues had likely been a result of interference from all the cranes around the city. May have to have the Arial adjusted in the future to resolve similar issues. Action – Closed 5e – door sensor repair/replace – JN Noted that issues were still be experienced by the faulty sensor. It was expressed this had been dragging on well over 12months and a solution is needed sue to the security risk it represents and additional ware and tare. Revolution to chase resolution and present alternative options if it cant be resolved before the next meeting.  Action Revolution. 9a – Fire Safety Education for residents – Agreed not enough interest and would be removed from agenda, due to lack of progress. Action – Closed  
5. Islington Wharf General: Councillor engagement: no update for this meeting.Budget Steering Group development – JN, TL, TG, SS to set a date with Anand to kick this off. Proposed dates to be discussed on Slack and arranged before next meeting. Action Committee members.Click Up – JN explained he had been testing out click up as a possible way of better tracking issues going forward. He is happy to explain in more detail and show people how to use if needed, Revolution happy to use the system if they can be given access.
6. Revolution Revolution monthly report: not discussed.Introduction to Joshua Ramsden – Joshua introduced himself at the start of the meeting. He will be working close with Lee and Linda on the Islington Wharf account as Head of Facilities. He will be coordinating some improvements to the onsite office.  
7. Phase 3: Car park fencing update: Committee presented with pictures for proposed metal fencing. Basic heavy duty metal grid fencing, while astatically not great, will provide light, ventilation and security for the car park.Improving safety on the access road: Number of issues brought up with people parking on the access road. Revolution are looking at a number of options including ticketing and having double yellow lines placed. Number of warnings have already gone out and been flouted. Revolution told to progress. Also keep clear sign has worn away by building work, can this be replaced. Action RevolutionCar park and access road cleaning: Noted that the builders regular miss cleaning the access road, car park becoming very dirty again. Revolution to address with Eric Wright – Action Revolution
8. Latent defects: Water ingress roof repairs to Block A – Investigations continue however some of the drainage that was expected to be there was missing, and was likely never installed. Revolution to feedback more information when available. Action – Revolution
9. Questions from Residents:
10. AOB: JN Asked if Revolution could look into the boundary for Islington Wharf. We understand the need to remove the new development, but why have we retained the spare bit of land, and what does that mean for us? – Action Revolution
Date & time of next meeting: Thursday 7 March 2019 at 19.00hrs; Medical Centre