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Welcome and introductions                        James Needham

Moving meetings to Monday

  1. Apologies                                James Needham

Sue and paul

  1. Minutes of last meeting                            James Needham
  2. Actions from last meeting: 

Note: there continue to be a number of ongoing actions from the last meeting that, rather than add to the action log, need to continue as standing agenda items with updates provided accordingly. The action log will therefore only cover those items that can be readily closed down.

Action log no.Action outstanding:Responsible owner.
5eDoor sensor repair/replace
Revolution > To look into temp shrounder to make sure its the correct issue before spending more moneyCriticism about the door sensors and time its taken
Anand Patel
7bSafety of the car park access road
Committee > Ok with signs for private land / worries over the safetyRevolution > confirmed that will have enforcement in place by the next meeting, with any car parking there be it contractor or resident being liable for ticketing.
Anand Patel
10.1Update on the Islington Wharf Boundary
Rev > To send updated boundary to Riverside placesCommittee worried about the access road and who paying as the access road is being used by residents in phase 2 currently for parking in phase 1 car park, and being worn down by phase 3 construction.
Anand Patel
  1. Islington Wharf General:
  1. Councillor Engagement:                Katherine Harrison
  2. Budget Steering Group:                    James Needham/Anand Patel
  3. Revolution:
  4.  Monthly Report:                    Anand Patel
  5. Phase 3:
  6. Car park fencing update                Anand Patel

Riverside places > Metal fence, will alert ISW to the change, paid for by the riverside places.

  1. Latent Defects:
  1. Water ingress roof repairs to Block A update         Anand Patel
  2. Clare Johnson water ingress; critical issue        Anand Patel

Apt 65 – Is being used a test case, people in apt 65 still existing

Revolution > To find the criteria for not liveable from the insurance (by 1 week to Claire)

Revolution > A few dates for Brian to meet with the affected people (meeting date to be confirmed in 1 week), meeting to take place within calendar month.

  1. Questions from Residents:
  2. AOB
  3. Homeless people accessing the building to sleep in stairwells;

Revolution > Homeless person let in by resident. Warning to the residents via email

Committee > Update the signs telling people not to let people in due to the increase drugs use.

Committee > Consider shaming land owners into doing something about the drug users and rough 

  1. Daily open drug use along the Ashton Canal – Committee thoughts on what, if anything, we can do to push for greater action by the various agencies involved??

Revolution > Lift 2 in Block B is going to be looked at for potential problems

Warning triggers for the doors

Date and time of next meeting: Monday 1 April at 19.00hrs.