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Tracey Langford
Wayne Langford
Katherine Harrison
Ian Forrester
James Needham
Paul Kelley
Jonathan Isaacs

Apologies: Ben Amponsah, Steve Day, Sharon Day, Sharon Walsh, Steve Walsh


  • Designs which had been acquired by Revolution were passed round to the committee. We discussed the possibility of including plants in the corridors and decided that we could include one each floor, however would have to be of the kind which didn’t need much natural light, or looking after.
  • In the original designs there were plans to have furniture on each floor, however the committee decided that due to the cost running into tens of thousands of pounds, coupled with the fact they wouldn’t really be used, only a small amount of furniture would be put in the lobby areas.
  • The designs of the ground floor included digital photography, metal walls, and colour changing lighting.
  • Hard wearing matting would be placed outside the lifts, with signs identifying the apartments on each floor.
  • Walls would be painted in a silk finish, ceilings in a matt finish. Revolution were to get a colour chart and mock-ups to the committee.
  • Due to Paul’s connections within the trade, he would look to see if he could acquire similar or identical fixtures and materials at a
    lower cost.


  • The committee have put in place steps to upgrade the door security system around Islington Wharf. The reason being is that at present fobs cannot be identified, and therefore cancelled then they are either lost, or owners leave.
  • The new system was ready to go each apartment would get two fobs, those with extra fobs can get them reprogrammed for free.
  • Landlords will be contacted to advise tenants of the process for obtaining additional keys.
  • The rollout of the new fob system will be after Christmas.
  • A secure storage area where bikes can be stored (complete with bike racks). Only those whose fob have been activated will be able to gain access. There will be a small fee associated with using this.
  • CCTV quotes have been received. Revolution are looking at installing cameras in the lift and bike storage area.


  • The faults which cause window panes to sporadically crack have been referred to the insurance company.
  • They are looking to take action against the manufacturer.


  • The faults which cause window panes to sporadically crack have been referred to the insurance company.
  • They are looking to take action against the manufacturer.


  • Revolution acknowledged that the window cleaning had not been as regular this year as they would have liked, this will change
    next year.


  • The cost of having a full time concierge would be in the region of £130,000 per year.
  • Revolution to look at the possibility of changing Kens hours to ensure that there is someone on site for longer.


  • Due to the increase use of the bin storage areas and increasing weather temperature, the bin room had become rather smelly.
  • Bin washers are around £10/15 per bin, and would be looked at getting those cleaned every four to six months.


  • Revolution are continuing to monitor the parcels being collected and confirmed that no one was running a business.
  • A collection for a Saturday could be introduced, however there would be an associated cost. Unless there is exceptional demand, the committee decided that there should only be one collection time available on the weekend.


  • Revolution have put all ticketing on hold.
  • Tendering process for a new contract is currently taking place, with contractors that have a more advance system for whitelisting cars.
  • To avoid ticketing owners cars, ticketing would only take place if the owner of the space informed that there was someone parked in their space.


  • Despite reports in the MEN, planning permission had not been granted.
  • A site visit had been planned by the Council.


  • It was agreed by all that the meeting between the committee and Revolution had been very productive.
  • We would look to have these types of meeting at least once a quarter.



  • Find suitable plants, acquire paint charts and mockup of makeover
    • Revolution
    • Next Meeting
  • Obtain additional cost of having cameras in lift and bike storage area
    • Revolution
    • Next Meeting
  • Committee to decide proposed cost of using bike area.
    • Committee
    • Next Meeting