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        Islington Wharf Residents Association
Meeting With Waterside Places



DATE: 12th April 2018

TIME: 19:00

LOCATION: Eric Wright Offices (IW2)

  1. Introductions

Waterside Places

Garry Brown (GB) – Thomasons

Ian Joyce (IJ) – Hannan Associates (Modelling)

Mike Payton (MP) – Waterside Places


Simon Fraser – Ryder Architecture

Islington Wharf Residents Association:

Jonathan Isaacs (JI)

Wayne Langford (WL)

Derek Smith (DS)

Susan Swientozielskyj


Katherine Harrison

Paul Kelly

Tracey Langford

Ian Forrester

  1. Block A Film Progress

  1. A containment film has been applied to windows in Block A that were found to be toughened glass and not laminated glass in an inspection by the Glass and Glazing Federation.  
  2. Thomasons oversaw the work which is now complete and has been completed to a good standard. The containment film adheres to the window and is sealed with silicon which holds the film in place. This method is tried and tested and was originally designed for bomb blast containment and should therefore give a high level of assurance to residents in the event of any window breakage.
  3. There was only one issue was raised and that was in relation to the protective walkway that was installed in terms of it being a potential obstacle in the event of fire. Waterside Places (WP) reiterated that it would not have obstructed access by the fire brigade but noted the comment for future reference.
  4. Work was scheduled to take two weeks but took a little longer due to the prevalence of high winds.
  5. The containment film has a life expectancy of 30 years but if damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced.
  6. To date there has been no adverse reaction or comments from residents.
  7. WP reiterated that the application of containment film is a temporary solution; a long term solution will be discussed at a later date.
  8. If residents have any problems with the film, they should contact Revolution to arrange remedial action.
  9. The containment film is not solar reflective.
  1. Block B Leaks Evaluation & Progress

  1. WP are now fully appraised of the water ingress issues affecting apartments 193, 198 and 200 as well as those, which are of a slightly different nature, to other apartments affected in the two buildings. The issues for the former, (193, 198, 200) are now believed to be linked to the build up to the terrace decking on the top floor of apartment 200.
  2. Following the Investigations that have taken place, WP will be working quickly to establish a fully engineered solution that will be a permanent fix. In particular, they want to ensure that when the membrane is taken up to undertake repairs, no further damage is done in the interim.
  3. Timeframe for works to take place;  the scope of works will be carried out ideally in the next week and implemented in the week after.
  4. With reference to other properties, apartment 122 was seeking an independent solution and this is now being costed up by Revolution who are working with the owners to establish this as a test site. If successful, the solution will be offered to other properties after testing. This would most likely comprise the foverfilming of sections of the curtain walling.
  1. Fire Stopping Report (Gladtech)

  1. Cladtech are curtain walling specialists and they have provided a full, non redacted report, to WP following their inspections which comprised scope and probe tests of the rockwool to ascertain water content. Some 8 test locations were carried out including key areas between apartments 193/198 and 198/200.
  2. There was no saturation of the Rockwool and the overall conclusion of the tests is that the fire safety of the rockwool barrier is not compromised.
  3. Ryder were also contacted and checked with Rockwool; a further affirmation was given in that “if it’s not in a saturated condition its fine”.
  4. The water ingress issues affecting other apartments, ie not 193, 198 & 200, is unlikely to cause contact with Rockwool, however, WP confirmed that there would be some merit in running some additional tests at the point any more substantive remedial work is undertaken to ensure that “unlikely” can have more certainty around it; coupled with the fact that the water has a different route in for 200 as it does for other apartments. In addition, WP flagged that in tests by Laing O’Rourke (LOR)  some 18 months ago, the Rockwool was exposed and found to be completely dry.
  5. Additional note: during this discussion, issues arose relating to general flooding experienced in some apartments. WP were interested in this and MP will speak with Anand at Revolution for further information and a breakdown report if possible.

  1. Status Of Overheating Works
  • Remedial Options
  1. WP confirmed that they are now confident of what the remedial solution(s) would need to comprise of which are basically to improve the solar control of the glass and to increase the air flow and circulation into the apartments.
  2. They have a comprehensive list of what these remedial actions could be with costings, and discussion has taken place with The WP Board. Furthermore:
  3. WP did confirm that no remedial solution could be undertaken until Laing O’Rourke were fully committed and prepared to undertake these works. To this end:
  1. WP are now preparing the necessary papers that will go to Laing O’Rourke, as the original builder, within the next 4 weeks.
  2. LOR will require time to consider; further action is dependent on their response.
  3. The proposed solution/s in the Board Paper include what is possible.
  4. Concerns raised by members to the information that some glazing units have been installed in reverse are unfounded. WP reassured that the finding although important, is actually irrelevant in that reversal of a 0.6g glass has no effect on solar properties, and reversal of a 0.4g glass has about 6% affect, which would reduce its performance to around 0.45g.
  5. WP are proposing to further assess the solar performance of the installed glass by improving the solar control performance through the application of solar reflective film to the windows of the two apartments that were involved in the temperature data collection exercise. Following discussion, it was agreed that WP will plan to have all actions to enable this in place by the end of May so that temperatures can be logged throughout the summertime. The test results will then be analysed and presented in the Autumn from which point, further action can be agreed.
  6. The film applied will not be 0.25g, but bring the solar reflective properties of the glass to 0.25 in total. WP will check the ‘g’ rating of all windows that will be involved in the test to ensure that the film applied will match the requirements and be the correct value.  
  7. A general concern flagged by residents is how the film will cope with window cleaning etc.

  • Progress With Laing O’Rourke
  1. Remains patchy.

  1. AOB and Date of Next Meeting
  1. Mortgage Letter
  1. Waterside Places couldn’t see anything that downgraded the valuation of the property concerned.
  2. Whilst issues relating to latent defects were mentioned in the letter, the value was not affected.
  3. WP has also tested the letter with several estate agents they use across the City who confirm that apartment values at IW are not affected.
  4. Next meeting to be in July. Waterside Places to provide dates.